【Videos】Yura looks hot as much as the slope melt

  • Duration:90 min
  • Release:2021/04/21
  • Publisher:Enet Frontier
  • Starring:Yura Yura
Introduction:Her tweets about high school graduation got instantly 100,000 likes! "Yura Yura" who records and gives off an overwhelming feeling of her DVD is finally on sale! Her looks and visuals surpass the heroine of the school manga are more satisfying than SNS! In the world of silver that spreads out of the window, the pure white room that gently envelops the steam of the stove, she slowly takes off the muffler and remove the ribbon... The skirt that can be turned up and the dangerous love... I want you to feel her change as an adult and her increasing sex appeal to the end. The most relieved DVD now, healed by her smile, which is so innocent and warm that the snow melts.