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Questions Answers
Are the videos and photobooks digital downloads or physical goods?  The videos are for streaming and photobooks are for viewing on the platform. Products are officially distributed by AiconiQ (Part of 01FAMILIA group). You can enjoy the contents anytime, anywhere!  
How do I purchase the contents? Please click the picture of a content, press "ADD TO CART," go to your CART, press "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT."  Please register or log in if you haven't at this stage. Then, enter your credit card information and check out. 
How do I view my contents? Once you made your purchase, please go to "YOUR ACCOUNT." You can find "List of Purchased Products." If you click this, you will see a collection of your purchased products. Please click one of your contents and show will start.
How do I use my coupon? Before you go to checkout page, please REDEEM your coupon by clicking on the Rewards icon located at right bottom and going through the procedure mentioned. By converting your points into the coupon, you will be able to apply the coupon on merchandise and get discount in the checkout section. 
What is AiconiQ? AiconiQ is an exclusive and official distributor of 01Familia, which is a Japanese talent production agency. 01Familia presents top-notched Japanese female celebrities varying from an actress to a voice actor, or a model to a cos-player. 
Help! The videos don’t play.  What do I do? Please contact administrator of this website.
Help! I can't see the pictorial. What do I do? Please contact administrator of this website.
How do I return a product I bought wrongly? We are sorry but given the nature of product, this is not refundable once you made your purchase.
Where can I contact about this service? Please send us an e-mail at