"Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "

"Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "

September 11, 2020

"Yurika Wagatsuma" was born on May 15, 2000, in Chiba prefecture. She belongs to "Zeroichi Familia". Actually, she has hearing disability due to sensorineural hearing loss.Even during the shooting of magazines, she challenged it with hearing aids attached. This has become a hot topic in the news."Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "Let's experience everyday life of super welfare" held on Sunday, September 6th. That was because the talk show appeared on the theme of "OTICON," a hearing aid device that Yurika loves. "The hearing changes with such a latest hearing aid device. My everyday has changed." (It is held extensively in Shibuya Hikarie every year, but this time it was done remotely due to the new COVID-19.) This time, we would like to introduce an interview with "Yurika Wagatsuma" held after the event. 


——Please tell us about your impressions of the event you appeared this time.

First of all, I was really happy when I decided to appear at this "2020 Super Welfare Exhibition" event! It was my first time to have a talk show event, but I thought it would be great opportunity event to have a talk show event sponsored by "OTICON", the manufacturer of hearing aid device that I have been using since I was a child! I was nervous because I was full of feelings, "I will practice many times and I will definitely succeed ...!", But I was immediately relieved to see that everyone was looking at me kindly. I think I was able to convey my messages to the audiece well/ And after listening to various stories at the event, I am looking forward to the future of hearing aids! Thank you very much!

——So, from here, I would like to hear about “Yurika Wagatsuma”'s history with hearing aids since childhood.


Q. Please tell us about hearing aid memory, pronunciation and speech training during childhood.

A.I've been in the "hearing" classroom since I was about 3 years old. I was practicing pronunciation. That was normal for me at the time, and I loved talking to and playing with my friends in the classroom, so I kept going. I don't think I was aware that I was going there because I couldn't hear it.


Q. Please tell me the memories when you were in elementary school.

A.After entering elementary school, everyone became angry and ignored by the actions I repeaed; Listining back. And I began to understand the reactions around me. I thought it was best not to ask anything even if I couldn't hear it. A reason I got angry every time was "I didn't hear." I was told by people around me to always listen until I understood. It was very painful. Maybe that's not all, but I've been bullied by everyone in my class for three years. It was painful and scary, but I couldn't rely on anyone because I didn't want to make my mom sad. However, the only thing I'm happy about in my elementary school was that my friend told me, "Your hearing aid device is so cute! It's the one that the idol wears!" She probably didn't know what a hearing aid device was, but only then did I think my hearing aid device was cool and somehow proud.


Q. I heard that you love music. When I think about it, music has been fun to me since I was little.

A.However, since I was in elementary school, it was the time I wanted to cry most when I was judged to be able to sing in front of everyone in a music class, to be out of tune, to open my mouth wide, or to do something I couldn't do. It was time to hate my favorite music. When practicing the chorus contest, it was difficult for me because I couldn't hear the sound accurately and it was difficult to get the pitch. However, no matter how much I explained it, it was painful to be kept told, "If you practice, you will be able to do it!"


Q. How did you face each others when you were in junior high school?

A.When I was a junior high school student, I wasn't confident, and wearing a hearing aid device became my complex. I didn't want a guy I liked to see me with the device so I intentionally had a hairstyle that covers my ears. I thought my "hearing aid" was something that everyone hated. I had a dream for the future, but I was worried, I was worried whether I could say that dream properly. The reason was that the adults didn't accept me and I was betrayed many times. So I thought that the more I expected, the more I hurt.


Q. About the consciousness that has changed over time, and what you love.

A.In high school, it became easier for me to spend time because I was supported by many people. I realized that wearing a hearing aid device is not necessarily a disliked factor, it is not a judgment of being loved or unloved. After that, I became obsessed with my feelings of excitement. After that, I realized that I didn't like taking pictures, so I started taking pictures. The photograph was able to express myself and feel free even if I could not hear. But after all, when I was taken in a picture, the hearing aid was a part of my body, but it wasn't in the picture. I was thinking that it would be better. That's why I hid my hearing aids with my hairstyle and tried not to wear my favorite updo. Even when I went to buy a hearing aid, I chose black because it blends in my hair color. That was my 20 years of life and that was my normal. My life went on like that, but something happened. That was when I met the manager of the current office, and when I asked, "I'm wearing a hearing aid ...?", The manager said to me. "It doesn't matter, I think it's Yurika's personality. It may still be a complex right now, but it's definitely an advantage." It may be simple, but that day I decided to believe the word. That's why I'm so happy that I've become very fond of myself, which I hated, and gradually gained confidence that "I'm wearing a hearing aid." I think I loved myself so much because there are people around me who love me that way!


Q. Finally, please give a few words to everyone.

A.Nice to meet you! I'm Yurika Wagatsuma! I'm naturally deaf and wear hearing hearing aid device! At the first talk show event "2020 Super Welfare Exhibition", I was nervous ...! ! But I was able to enjoy it in the end finish it safely! ! You can see it in the YouTube archive, so please take a look! And please follow SNS...! (Lol)


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