Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha)

Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha)

October 08, 2020

This time, Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha) which was released on 9/1.
Yume Hayashi has been working as an employee at an IT company, and with her height of 168 cm and blessed style and visuals, she has appeared in many magazines and done model activities. She is also recently seen in television programs.

This time, the interview with Yume Hayashi after the appearance is posted below.


<<< Interview with Yume Hayashi >>>

■ Congratulations on the back cover of Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition.

I am very happy to appear on the back cover!
There are many pages inside and the content is much, so I would like everyone to take a look!


■ I heard that the magazine has as many as 32 pages.

I rarely had the opportunity to be posted on 32 pages, so I'm really happy to have been posted!
Wearing various costumes was a great experience. My costumers were smart, mature, and cool. Each has a different vibe, so you can see the various sides of Yume in one book!


■ Please tell us if there is anything that left an impression on you during the shooting.

When I took a picture of a brown swimsuit with a see-through Haori, there was a shot I took while standing on one leg. But it was quite difficult because I was standing on one leg with heels! Lol
It's difficult to balance and it's wobbly (laughs)
But while I was in the wind, I had my face taken very sharply. Lol
I really like the photo because it looks really cool!


■ It seems that you recently appeared on a TV program in Hokkaido and challenged your first MC. How was it?

I appeared on HBC's "Made in Hokkaido" last time, and it was the second appearance this time. But this time I was a little nervous because it was my first MC! Lol
However, the performers gave me a lot of excitement, so I really enjoyed being there !
I also love watching various comedy shows, so it was really fun to be able to perform!
It was a program that was broadcasted in my hometown of Hokkaido, so I heard that my friends and family watched it together. So I was like I should continue to do my best!


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