Yume Hayashi "EX Mass" on the back cover.

Yume Hayashi "EX Mass" on the back cover.

April 13, 2021

Yume Hayashi is on the back cover again on "EX mass(EX大衆)" (Futabasha) released on Saturday, March 15th. This is a special issue of 01. Nashiko Momotsuki is on the front cover, Yume Hayashi on the back cover, and 15 members of # Babababambi, # 2i2 and 01Familia appeared in the interview project as well. Besides, Seina Takeuchi is also appearing in the serialization project "Zeroichi Shoten".

Please find below the interview with Yume Hayashi:


<< Interview >>

・ Congratulations on yeeeeour second appearance on the back cover of "EX Mass".

A. Thank you! This is the first appearance in about two years. And I'm very happy that they chose me for the back cover! It was really beautiful when I shot it in the sea at sunset, but it was hard because of the strong wind. LOL The weather is nice and the photos are nice, so I hope many people will like it!


・ How about "01 special issues"?

A. I'm very happy to be featured in 01 like this! The front cover is Nashiko, the back cover is me, and the inside page is also wonderful. I'm glad that I rarely get a lot of 01 talents in one book! This is also thanks to everyone who supports me. I will continue to do my best to make good reports to everyone as a result!


・ Please let us know if you have any future goals or activity plans.

A. I also want to do a lot of fashion and makeup work. I also want to challenge acting! I have something to report again, so please look forward to it!



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<< Profile >>

Yume Hayashi

Date of Birth October 18, 1995

・ Profile https://01familia.co.jp/talent/

・ Twitter https://twitter.com/h_yume_1018

・ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/___yuume.18/?hl=ja

・YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEnFGu9AHboTcAtPbYX91g

<< Recent activities >>

Continuing from last year, She was nominated for "The 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World (2020)" for the second consecutive year, and became a hot topic for beauty on a global scale. She is a magazine/model activity with a height of 168 cm and a blessed style and visuals while continuing to work as an office lady at an IT company. She has appeared on many varieties shows these days. 

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