"TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun).

"TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun).

October 06, 2020

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki appeared as the enemy executive Yodonna in the "TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun). This time, I will post an interview when I appeared in Nashiko Momotsuki below.

——This time, Momotsuki-san plays a villain called Yodonna.

However, at the time of the audition, I heard that there was already an episode about “evil”. There was a question on the application called "My bad personality", and I wrote down as much as I could. It seems that it was quite rare ... (laughs). When asked, "Would you have been able to write more if there was more space?", I answered "Yes! I think I can either write more or write in detail what I wrote!" When I said something like this, I was already accepted for the role. Basically, I'm trying to behave in a friendly manner at work, but at the time of the audition, people knew that I am someone with bad personality (laughs). So I feel embarrassed hiding my bad sides ... (laughs).


——Yodonna has a very unique outfit and hairstyle, but how did you wear it well?

When I first saw it, I thought it would be nice to wear such a cool outfit everyday. However, I knew that the shooting would be done during summer, so I was a little worried how hot I might get in this outfit. However, I was able to pass the summer of 2020 because a stylist helped arrange my clothes to have some mesh which allows wind to go through. Also, this outfit is very particular, but the crows on the shoulders and the decoration on the head are quite wide. When I wear costumes, the crows often hit people and things, so I want to get a grip on distance quickly (laughs).


——How about participating in the shooting of “Kiramager”?

Since Yodonna is a newborn character, I play while consulting with the director and everyone about what kind of personality she is and how to play it. Until now, I haven't had the opportunity to consult about the role with someone, so it was a very valuable experience. It's rewarding, and I really feel the fun creating a character. So, every day I am surrounded by creative people and I am really happy about it. Also, there is one thing I really regret ... Until now, I had the opportunity to talk to the "Kira Major" people before the transformation. But I couldn't easily talk to them, saying, "I'm proud that I'm a villain," because of the lack of my communication skill. .... Shooting is still going on, so I want to get to know about others better!


——Finally, do you have a message for the viewers?

I will serve as an enemy female executive named Yodonna. It's been a while since I've played a villain, so I'm under a lot of pressure. But I'd be happy if fans love Yodonna and the Yodon army. How will the story change with the advent of Yodonna ... everyone, please look forward to it!


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