Toomi on "Young King BULL" on (Mar 4)

Toomi on "Young King BULL" on (Mar 4)

April 09, 2021

Toomi was featured in the popular manga "Shin Ikki Tousen" from Shonen Gahosha "Young King BULL" released on 3/4 (Thursday). Playboy's popular manga "ONE PIECE", "Guy Shu Isshoku!" In Superior, Mobile Suit Gundam "The Man Who Killed Nobunaga" Tomi is in collaboration with various manga animations. Toomi is a member of the popular idol unit "# 2i2 (Nini)".

Please find below the interview with Toomi:


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・ Congratulations on the cover of "Young King BULL".

A. Thank you for the first publication!! I'm really happy to be able to be on the cover again of this collaboration.



・ This time it’s a twin tail hairstyle, but it looks good on you.

A. Sun Quan arbitration is a long twin tail, so I was worried about shooting with a wig for the first time. "Maybe it suits me unexpectedly?" I thought (laughs) that made me think I want to get that long hair.


・ What kind of collaboration would you like to do next?

A. Recently, I used to shoot a lot in cosplay, but I think I'm getting better at posing little by little because I've been dealing with swords three times in a row (laughs). I want to be the strongest and coolest woman in the cosplay of a strong character as it is, only with the weapon stance ...! Reference: Mihawk (ONE PIECE) → Sun Quan Conflict (Shin Ikki Tousen) → The man who killed Nobunaga


・ Please give a message to the fans.

A. Nice to meet you! It is Tomi of # 2i2. How was my Sun Quan arbitration? I usually shoot in a cute girlish atmosphere. I hope you like me. I hope there will be more people who want to know about me! Thank you very much.


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Date of Birth: 02/8/1999

Debuted in a manga magazine with a catchphrase of "Miracle Rough". After that, she made the cover with numerous magazines. Appeared on the program "Tomi's Gundam Hajimechaita" on the official Gundam Youtube channel "Gundam Channel". As a Ganchan research student, she challenged various projects and is holding regular events at the Gundam Cafe every month! Members of the idol unit "# 2i2"





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