Toomi on “Weekly Playboy“ (Feb 22).

Toomi on “Weekly Playboy“ (Feb 22).

March 26, 2021

Toomi appeared in "Weekly Playboy" published by Shueisha in collaboration with popular manga "ONE PIECE" released on February 22. Toomi of the rapidly rising idol unit "# 2i2" challenged shooting with ONE PIECE cosplay. Please find below for the interview with Toomi:



・ Congratulations on "Weekly Playboy" publication.

A. Thank you so much! I'm glad to be able to participate in the "Weekly Playboy" ONE PIECE Festival with wonderful people! I was very anxious because I just started cosplaying recently, but I enjoyed shooting!


・ You're not good at snakes, but please tell us about shooting Boa Hancock by wrapping a large snake around your neck.

A. That morning, the manager, Mr. Hasegawa, asked me by phone, "Is snake okay for you ?”. I am not good at it, but I felt like I could go because I just woke up, and I said "It's okay!". However, when I wrapped it around my neck on the day of shooting, it seemed pretty cute. It's also warm!! After shooting, I thought it would be good to have a snake.


・ Please tell us about special effects shooting with the feminization of Dracule Mihawk using explosives.

A. "It will blow up!" I was surprised when I was told. There was a part I was longing for when I was watching the special effects, so I was looking forward to it! I was surprised by the big sound on the day, but it was good because I was able to keep my face fixed. Also, it was difficult to handle the sword, and the shape was elaborate and heavy, so I asked everyone to cooperate and decided on the pose.


・ How was your birthday festival on February 21?

A. It was the first birthday festival in a year, so we held it with great care on goods and costumes! Many people celebrated on the day, the goods were sold out, and another # 2i2 member came. It was a really happy birthday festival!


・ Please give a word to the fans.

A. Thank you for your support! I would like to do a lot of collaborations like this one. I would like to do my best together with the members as # 2i2, so please continue to support us!



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Date of Birth: 02/8/1999

Debuted in a manga magazine with a catchphrase of "Miracle Rough".

After that, she made the cover with numerous magazines.

Appeared on the program "Tomi's Gundam Hajimechaita" on the official Gundam Youtube channel "Gundam Channel".

As a Ganchan research student, she challenged various projects and is holding regular events at the Gundam Cafe every month! Members of the idol unit "# 2i2"





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