Toomi on “Weekly Big Comic Spirits“ (Feb 15)

Toomi on “Weekly Big Comic Spirits“ (Feb 15)

March 10, 2021

Toomi appeared on “Weekly Big Comic Spirits“ published by Shogakukan on February 15 Toomi has been active in collaboration with various manga animations, such as the character of the popular manga "ONE PIECE" released on February 22. The cover of the collaboration "Shin Ikki Tosen" on Young King Bull released on 3/4. Please find below the interview with Toomi:



・ Congratulations on the publication of "Weekly Big Comic Spirits".

A.Thank you so much. First appearance on Spirits! I have seen the seniors of Zeroichi Familia on the cover. So I've always admired it. I am very happy that I am on the first page this time!


・ How was the popular "moving life-sized Gundam" GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA collaboration project shooting this time?

A.Actually, it was taken before the release! It was very valuable and impressive and I took a lot of pictures with the help of many staff from the dark early morning. I appreciate all of the staff for moving Gundam many times for my shoot. It was a shoot while biting happiness ...!


・ Collaboration with the popular manga "ONE PIECE" from Weekly Playboy was released on February 22nd.

A.This seems to be quite a hot topic. I was really happy to get this offer! ONE PIECE is one of my favorite manga, so I take this opportunity to review the anime from the beginning. The shooting was very difficult because it was very cold outdoors. I've been doing my best so please look forward to this collaboration as well!


・ Collaborate with "Shin Ikki Tousen" on the cover of Young King Bull released on 3/4. This is also likely to be a hot topic as well.

A.Yes, that's right! There are more opportunities to wear wigs, etc., and although there are different difficulties than before, it is fun to shoot differently every time! It was difficult to handle the sword. But I think it went well, so I'd be happy if you could check it out too!


・ You are currently appearing on the official Gundam channel "Toomi's Gundam Hajimechaita". What is the content exactly?

A.We broadcast live every month at the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara! I just speak like a radio. I'm an otaku so I'm glad that I feel like I can get along with people who like anime. I can't wait for everyone to see it ...!


・ Please give a word to the fans.

A. Currently, I am working hard on an idol unit called # 2i2 with various activities! Check out SNS for live performances and events! From now on, we look forward to your continual support!



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Toomi Born: Japan

Date of Birth: 02/8/1999

Debuted in a manga magazine with a catchphrase of "Miracle Rough". After that, she made the cover with numerous magazines. Appeared on the program "Tomi's Gundam Hajimechaita" on the official Gundam Youtube channel "Gundam Channel". As a Ganchan research student, she challenged various projects and is holding regular events at the Gundam Cafe every month! Members of the idol unit "# 2i2"





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