Toomi on "S Cawaii" (Mar 17)

Toomi on "S Cawaii"  (Mar 17)

April 16, 2021

Tomi appeared in "S Cawaii" Released on March 17th, "Should the spring colours of 2021 be dressed like this? We will dress this year's trend colours with the perfect theme."

Please find below the interview with Toomi:



・ Please give us your impression of shooting!

A. I wore clothes with various themes for each colour. I have taken pictures with different hairstyles than usual. It was really fun! To be honest, I thought, "Is it okay for me to introduce the outfit even though 149cm?" But when I looked at the magazine, I wanted to have a short stature model, so I hope it will be a good impact on girls who will take a step forward this spring ...!



・ What is your favourite costume?

A. It is a student-style costume with a yellow colour. I usually like to wear short stature and oversized tops to make them look like a dress! This outfit is also very cute and a little unbalanced that's why I really like it!


・ Please give messages to the fans.

A. Nice to meet you, my name is Tomi. I'm really happy to be able to appear in my favourite fashion magazine! Thank you for your support!


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Date of birth February 8, 1999 Tomi regularly appears on the program "Tomi's Gundam Hajimechaita" on the official Gundam Youtube channel "Gundam Channel"! In the magazine, collaboration with fashion magazine "Bis" and Playboy's popular manga "ONE PIECE", the collaboration project with "Gaishuu Isshoku!" Collaboration cover with Superior and manga "Mobile Suit Gundam Bandiera" of Big Comic Spirits "Gundam" series, Young Champion released on April 6th, has become a hot topic in collaboration with various manga animations such as the cover of the collaboration "The Man Who Killed Nobunaga". Toomi is also a member of the rapidly rising idol unit "# 2i2".

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