Toomi is on the cover of theYoung Champion(Apr 6)

Toomi is on the cover of theYoung Champion(Apr 6)

May 24, 2021

"Toomi appeared on the cover of the collaboration "The Man Who Killed Nobunaga-Demarcation Line of the Sun" in "extra issue Young Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on April 6th (Tuesday).
Please find below the interview with Toomi:


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・ Congratulations on the first cover of Young Champion!

A. Thank you! I'm really happy to be able to appear on the long-awaited first cover!



・ How was the shooting with your armour and sword in collaboration with "The man who killed Nobunaga-Demarcation line of the sun"?

A. After all, I feel stronger when armed, so it's really fun to shoot! I've been shooting with a sword three times in a row, and when it came to the third time, I felt that I was getting used to how to hold it. I think it will be fun to learn it in earnest!

* Collaboration work using a sword Reference: Mihawk (ONE PIECE) → Sun Quan Conflict (Shin Ikki Tousen) → The man who killed Nobuna 


・ A CD handing-over party for the idol unit "# 2i2" was held at Shibuya Tower Records. Please tell us your plans.

A. First hand-over party I was really happy to meet you. I'm currently practising a new song, and I'm looking forward to taking an album photo with my new costume. Amau, who was resting, is back and is working harder on live performances and practice with the members!



・ Please give messages to the fans.

A. I wonder if many people are nice to meet you ...?
I hope you will know a lot about me through this "ToyoToomi Hideyoshi"!
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Date of birth February 8, 1999

Tomi regularly appears on the program "Toomi's Gundam Hajimechaita" on the official Gundam Youtube channel "Gundam Channel"!

In the magazine, collaboration with fashion magazine "Bis" and Playboy's popular manga "ONE PIECE", the collaboration project with "Gaishuu Isshoku!" Collaboration cover with Superior and manga "Mobile Suit Gundam Bandiera" of Big Comic Spirits "Gundam" series, Young Champion released on April 6th, has become a hot topic in collaboration with various manga animations such as the cover of the collaboration "The Man Who Killed Nobunaga". Toomi is also a member of the rapidly rising idol unit "# 2i2".

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