Toomi decorated the cover of Weekly Shonen Champion!

Toomi decorated the cover of Weekly Shonen Champion!

February 26, 2021

This time, Toomi made her sixth appearance on the cover of Akita Shoten's "Weekly Shonen Champion" released on Thursday, February 10th. Born in Nagano Prefecture on February 8, 1999, Toomi has appeared in the program "Toomi's Gundam Hajimechaimashita" on the official Gundam YouTube channel, "Gundam Channel". ( In addition, it was the first time in history that a member from Zeroichi Familia decorated the cover for 3 consecutive weeks. This time, we have posted comments from Toomi at the time of the cover appearance below.


<<< Interview with Toomi >>>

■ How do you feel about decorating the cover page for 6th time?

A: Thank you! I'm always really looking forward to shooting, and always update my best pics on my SNS! I'm really happy that fans praise me for my efforts.



■ Members of Zeroichi Familia covered Weekly Shonen Champion for three times in a row: from Nashiko Momotsuki to Hikari Kuroki, and finally Toomi. How do you feel about it?

A: That's right! Seeing the magazines with two gravure idols decorating a cover page lined up at convenience stores and on SNS, I was amazed that I can be part of this movement. I was looking forward to the release of mine. It's not easy to relay the cover page with idols from the same office, so I feel very privileged. The uniqueness of Valentine's Day also has different merits, so I hope you enjoy all three books!


■ If you have any memories of Valentine's Day, please let us know.

A: When I was a student, I was addicted to watching pastry chef's videos, so I was serious about Valentine's Day (laughs) I used to make two layers of chocolate, bake basque cheese cake, and so on. I was thinking to make one for my love! which turned out to be just my ideal, because I didn't have any boyfriend back then.So I would always give to my girl friends ... I worked pretty hard when I baked financiers for everyone in the class, thinking it wouldnt be fair if I had only make some for a few classmates. (laugh)


■ Please tell us your future goals and what you would like to challenge.

A: I've been an idol as # 2i2 since last December, and my dream is to sing at the Budokan within two years from now. As an individual, I want to be more active in acting and modelling, and my personal goal is to star in the work and to decorate the covers of many magazines! We will continue to do our best with your support, so I would be grateful if you could support us!



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