Toomi appeared on the cover of "STRIKE!"(Apr 22)

Toomi appeared on the cover of "STRIKE!"(Apr 22)

May 26, 2021

"Toomi appeared on the cover of ""STRiKE!"" Released on April 22nd. Please find below the interview with Toomi:

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・ Congratulations on the cover of STRiKE!

A. Thank you! When I appeared last time, I was aiming to appear on the cover, so I'm very happy to have this opportunity!


・ What is your favourite costume?

A. It is a green swimsuit worn in a coin laundry. This time, the balance between costumes and places such as ""old folk house, oversized garbage and swimwear"" is also important. I hope you enjoy it!


・ The background was a field and it was a nice cover of the evening view.

A. That's right! We waited until that dusk and took a picture. This time, the theme was ""homecoming"", and it seemed like I was really in the local area. My parents' house is also in the countryside, so I didn't know how far my field was. We had a fairly large field for each elementary school class, and I grew sweet potatoes and watermelons, so I felt nostalgic.


・ You appeared on TV Asahi's ""Enthusiastic Fight! M League"". Are you familiar with mahjong?

A. Mahjong was addicted to the self-restraint period and is still studying! I'm not good at mahjong, so I'm naturally interested in people who are good at it. As I researched M Leaguers, I remembered the birthdays of more than 30 people! (Lol)


・ Please give messages to the fans.

A. Thank you for your support! It's # 2i2's Tomi! Thanks to everyone, I was able to appear on the first cover of the long-awaited ""STRiKE!""! Thank you very much. I'm doing my best in idol activities with the members, so please continue to support me ...! For the digital image and video of the girls, please visit, AiconiQ Online Store:



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Date of birth February 8, 1999 Tomi regularly appears on the program ""Toomi's Gundam Hajimechaita"" on the official Gundam Youtube channel ""Gundam Channel""! In the magazine, collaboration with fashion magazine ""Bis"" and Playboy's popular manga ""ONE PIECE"", the collaboration project with ""Gaishuu Isshoku!"" Collaboration cover with Superior and manga ""Mobile Suit Gundam Bandiera"" of Big Comic Spirits ""Gundam"" series, Young Champion released on April 6th, has become a hot topic in collaboration with various manga animations such as the cover of the collaboration ""The Man Who Killed Nobunaga"". Toomi is also a member of the rapidly rising idol unit ""# 2i2"".

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