This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine

This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine

October 13, 2020

This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine, the Monthly Entertainment (Tokuma Shoten) , which was released on September 30th.
Recently, Toomi has received a great deal of attention from collaborative shooting with anime characters, and has been nominated to play in a drama. It is expected that the field of her activity will expand in various fields soon.
This time, the interview with Toomi at the time of appearance is posted below.

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Q. Congratulations on your monthly entertainment appearance!
Thank you!

A. Many of the talents of Zeroichi Familia, to which I belong, are indebted to Monthly Entertainment. So I'm glad that I've been able to get photo shot on it for the first time!


Q. How was the shooting in Okinawa?

A. It's been a long time since I went to Okinawa. But the revisiting and shooting there was even more fun after a while!
My favorite shot was a wake-up shot with glasses!
Actually, I didn't like wearing glasses at first ... But fans seem to like the way I look dubm in the morning of weekend with glasses (lol). So I was like why not?
In the end I started to like getting photoshoot which portrays how I spend my weekend.


Q. The shooting of Weekly Playboy "Kinnikuman Collaboration" before was a hot topic, but are there any plans for collaboration in the future?

A.It is actually another manga, but I've collaborated with it the other day!
Thankfully, with the full cooperation of the original author of the manga, the content should be completely immersed in the world view of the manga ...!
Collaborative photography with manga and anime characters is a reward for me as an Otaku, and I would be happy if I could continue to collaborate with various characters!
Please look forward to it!


Q. A word to your fans?

A.Thank you for your support!
We will continue to expand the field of activity in the future, so thank you for your continuing support ...!
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