This time, Rui Takanashi, who is the symbol of the white color from #Babababambi.

This time, Rui Takanashi, who is the symbol of the white color from #Babababambi.

November 09, 2020

This time, Rui Takanashi, who is the symbol of the white color from #Babababambi, has made an appearance in "Monthly Entertainment" (Tokuma Shoten) released on October 30th. Rui Takanashi is a newcomer who just came to Tokyo in March, and until then she had attended college in Nara and lived as an idol nerd in Tokyo once a week.

This time, an interview with her has been posted below: <<< Interview with Rui Takanashi >>>

Q. Congratulations on posting at Zeroichi Gakuen.

A. Thank you! I read every issue of the monthly entertainment, so I'm very happy that I am published as solo!


Q. What was the episode at the time of shooting?

A. I shot it in the studio that was used as an actual school. I haven't been in the classroom since I was an active high school student. So I felt very nostalgic. I had lie down on the desk, ate rice balls, and shot in a candid atmosphere. Also, when I touched the prop recorder for the first time after a while, I was surprised to hear it (laughs).


Q. Did you wear a school uniform after a while?

A. Long time no see! I like uniforms, so I sometimes wear them in cosplay. I didn't think I had the chance to wear an uniform when I got 23 (laughs). I like the young lady's school-style jumper skirt.


Q. What if you want to scribble on the blackboard in the classroom now?

A. I want to write the #Babababambi logo big!


Q. Please tell us your future plans.

A. I am working as a symbol of white character in the idol group called #Babababambi. I just started live in August and I'm still a newcomer, but please come and visit us! On December 19th, my birthday festival will be held at Sanrio Puroland. Please check other schedules on Twitter!


Q. A word to everyone?

A. I am always grateful for your help! This time, I shot with my favorite uniform and twin tails, and it was a very favorable situation. If you're a classmate, play with me... imagine something like that!


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