This time, Nashiko Momotsuki has appeared in a new commercial for the Sakai Moving Service. "Magokoro Panda-kun"

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki has appeared in a new commercial for the Sakai Moving Service. "Magokoro Panda-kun"

November 27, 2020

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki has appeared in a new commercial for the Sakai Moving Service. "Magokoro Panda-kun," the character of Sakai Moving Service, is a story-style commercial that grows through moving work, and episodes 1 and 2 have already been released and have become a hot topic.

This time, the interview with Nashiko Momotsuki at the time of appearance is posted below.


<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>

■ Congratulations on the new CM appearance of the Sakai Moving Service "Magogoro Panda" series, following last year.

A. Thank you! Thanks to the fact that I was able to play a lot at various stations at various times, some people knew from this commercial. I grew up with the Sakai Moving Service commercial! I was very proud to be part of it. With SEASON 2 of the Sakai Moving Service CM, I'm really happy to be able to continue to play the role of Magokoro Panda-kun's senior.


■ What were you aware of when shooting commercials?

A. As this was the second year, I was like I should show how much I grew, not to lose by Panda's growth! Many of the shooting staff I met last year were there. And there was a part where I was a little upset at the reunion after a long time. Without being relaxed, I challenged the shooting with the feeling that I represent the company.


■ I heard that you moved to a new place this year.

A. That's right! My younger brother will move to Tokyo, so if we live together, we can live in a larger house, right? I had just renewed my previous house contract (laughs), but I decided to move. At that time, I was allowed to use the Sakai Moving Service. I moved when it was getting a little hot because I was mushy, but I was very grateful for their careful transportation of my luggage.


■ Please tell us if there are any episodes at the shooting site.

A. It's still before the movie is released, but actually I had the opportunity to dance this time. Frankly, I'm not very good at dancing ... I was a little disappointed because Panda danced very well next to me (laughs). I also greeted the kid actors but are you talking to adults? Be polite enough to think. I didn't know the etiquette when I was about the same age, and I couldn't use honorifics. I was shocked comparing my childhood with them. It will be a co-star with Mr. Itabashi from the last time, but he is a really kind person, and I felt that the scene would be brighter just by having Mr. Itabashi. I thought it was amazing. You may have already seen it, but this time there was a commercial wearing a panda-style costume, and in fact, that costume was made with my ideas! It may not be visible in commercials, but the tail on the back is fluffy, and in fact, it's a costume that I'm very particular about.


■ Please give us a final word

A. Thankfully, I will continue to appear in the commercial for the Sakai Moving Service. I haven't waited for the story to develop differently from last year. What will happen to Panda-kun! ?? Let's watch over Panda-kun together! And when you are moving, please consider the Sakai Moving Service!


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