The newcomer "Himeka Araya"

The newcomer "Himeka Araya"

September 17, 2020

The newcomer "Himeka Araya", whose affiliation to "Zeroichi Familia" was announced on September 6, 2020, will be published for the first time on "Weekly Playboy (Shuei-Sha)" released on September 7. "Himeka Araya" was born in Aomori prefecture on May 30, 1998, and is a newcomer who is expected to appear in a magazine soon after she is assigned due to recruitment of "Zeroichi Familia" newcomers this spring and summer.

 —— Congratulations on your first appearance in “Weekly Playboy”! Thank you! !! And nice to meet you! My name is Himeka Araya.

I didn't think I would be able to be posted on "Weekly Playboy" soon after I belonged to "Zeroichi Familia". It was a magazine I've always wanted to be on and get published, so I was very happy. When I saw "Weekly Playboy" lined up at convenience stores and bookstores, I thought I would definitely want to be published someday... I am not famou yet, but it's an opportunity for many people to know about me. So I studied a lot about how to maintain my body line and how I should be filmed. I'd be happy if more and more people find about me and know me through the magazine!


——This time you took pictures at a pool. Did you go to the bach or pool this year?

This year was a summer when I couldn't go out much, so I didn't go to a pool in private. However, thanks to the shooting, I was able to enjoy the tropical pool where the view was spectacular! I am usually worried about sunburn and don't go to the pool or the beach much, but it was fun and I forgot to worry about that all the time! I injured my left leg before the shooting, and I was really worried whether I could do it, but I was relieved to be able to do it safely in the end. Next year, I want to take good measures against sunburn and go to the beach in my private time.


——Are there any things that left lasting impression on you?

I love eating, so the first thing I remember was a gorgeous meal! (Lol) Shine-Muscat,,, oh my god is it okay to be served with such a gorgeous meal? I felt so bad! (laughs) Also, although it rained continuously until the day of shooting, it was sunny on the day, and it was really nice to shoot in the weather. Personally, I like black bikinis. It's a color that I don't usually wear much, but it suits me unexpectedly. So I thought I should try wearing black clothes too. The staff was kind and the shooting was fun!


——What do you want to try in the future?

In the future, I would like to appear in various magazines on the work of swimwear, so I would like to get a lot of people to know about it. Also, it's been my dream to become an actress sinch I was in elementary school. So, first of all, I will do my best to appear in various media so that many people will know "Himeka Araya". And I would like to gradually increase my acting works!


——Finally, please give a word to your fans or supporters.

Thank you for your support as always! I think there are many people who were surprised at the sudden shooting of me in a bikini. I will continue to do my best in the future, so I would be grateful if you could support me. Whenever I see your warm messages of support, I am like I gotta do my best. I'm awkward or clumsy sometimes, but I just got to move on. So thank you for your support! (c) Kojiro Hosoi / Weekly Playboy

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