BababaBambi opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo
August 27, 2020

BababaBambi opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo

"#BababaBambi" opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo from August 21st (Fri) to August 22nd (Sat) . The event ended successfully.
"#BababaBambi" is the first idol group from Zeroichi Familia whose members are Akane Yoshizawa, Miyu Kishi, Mio Minato, Rui Takanashi and Melda Ikeda.
In addition, "#BababaBambi" members have shared their opinions about the popup shop. Check them out below:
—— First, what did you think when you heard that the #BababaBambi pop-up shop opened at the SHIBUYA109 store?
<Akane Yoshizawa>
surprised! I thought it was amazing even though I only had one live event in my life. And my image about Tokyo is SHIBUYA109, so I'm very happy. I was hoping that many people could take advantage of this opportunity and visit the venue!
<Miyu Kishi>
For me Shibuya means SHIBUYA109, so I thought it was like a prank when I first heard about it! But it really happened, so I thought my dream came true!
I felt this was real when I saw everyone coming to the store and tweeting a lot about it.
—— Please tell us about your first single CD (favorite points, recommended points, impression, etc.)
<Mio Minato>
I didn't expect the CD to come out so quickly, so I was really surprised!. And for the CD jacket, we collaged the pictures of the members that were drawn by Sena Takeuchi, a senior at our office! Please compare them!
——Which song is the most fun to perform?
<Melda Ikeda>
"SOS summer" is the perfect summer song for this season!
I like the choreography using a towel for this new song!
There are some members who forgot their towels, so we need to be careful lol
I want everyone in the venue to take a towel together and dance with us!
—— Please tell us what you want to do next, your goals, and your future activities based on this event.
<Rui Takanashi>
We have only been on a joint gig, so I want to host a gig as #BababaBambi. In addition, I would like to perform in our debut live which had to be canceled due to the COVID-19.

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New video by Kurumi Natori
August 14, 2020

New video by Kurumi Natori


A video by Kurumi newly launched!

Kurumi Natori exudes a lover-like atmosphere with her sexy body line and beautiful legs. One year after the first DVD came out, she went through a bit of transition and came back to the scene with rather bewitching atmosphere!

Check out her sexy scenes in this Video!

See her collections here↓

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