Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song

Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song

October 01, 2020

"Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song "-Shishindenshin-" by "#Babababambi" to be released on Oct 5th) has participated this time. "Saki Kamiya" used to belong to "WACK" and is a member of the former "BiS" and former "GANG PARADE". Currently she is working as a freelance choreographer. This time, we will post an interview with Kamiya Saki and "#Babababambi" about their new song as below:


<<< "#Babababambi" member interview >>>

—— Congratulations on the release of new song “-Shishindenshin-” scheduled on October 5th.

Thank you! I think this new song involves our headbang and you can see the new side of us. The choreography is easy to imitate, so it's one of my favorite songs because it has a "#Babababambi" spirit to it! There is a part of the interlude dance where I dance in pairs with "Mio". "Saki Kamiya" said "There is a difference in your height, but I intentionally made this formation", so I would like everyone to pay attention to the part !! I'm glad that members praised me for getting better at singing than before! We will do our best to deliver the best performance to everyone so please look forward to it!


—— “#Babababambi” I heard that it was the first choreography by Saki Kamiya. That's right! I've known "Saki Kamiya" since she was an idol, and I've seen her in the live performance.

So I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of choreography "#Babababambi" would have. I have no experience in dancing. And I have a strong sense of weakness compared to other members because I have no sense of movement. If I was dancing as hard as I could, I was told that the awkwardness and the atmosphere can be strong point. So I decided to do my best again. Each member's habits are seen and the choreography that suits them is considered, so it is a fun work that makes our individuality stand out.


——Please tell us the recommended points for dance and songs.

The first verse of the song is about reality and the second verse is about an ideal world. What I would like you to pay attention to is the second verse "Pumpkin carriage and ball". However, there are lots of fun performances, such as we are actually making a pumpkin carriage in the swing. You can see a horse running by being pulled, so its so fun and please pay attention to it! There is also a double piece dance part of the chorus dance, but it's very cute and easy to imitate, so I'd be happy if you could dance with me! And again, I was allowed to rap, but the tune changes drastically from the rap part. Everyone is doing headbanging, so I think that we can see us that we can not usually see, so please take a look!


——Please tell us about the songs, lyrics, and dance scenes.

I'm writing the lyrics this time as well, but this song can be done if we and everyone become crazy, even if it's usually difficult or impossible! I put a meaning. At first, the story begins with the actual daily life of the members, and then the story begins with the thoughts of many people and the sweat and tears. In No. 2, I wish I could proceed as ideal as Cinderella, but if I can't, I'm going to be the main character and create a story. And finally, the lyrics say that the book that spun the growth of "#Babababambi" and the support of those who support it is a story with you. The tune is very bright, and the choreography often matches the lyrics, and it is packed with cuteness and coolness. Please enjoy "#Babababambi" with various expressions.


——Finally, please tell us about future plans for “#Babababambi” and a message for fans.

Thank you to all the fans who always send warm support and everyone who is interested for the first time! As for our future plans, we will make our first appearance at "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 2020" on October 4th (Sun)! It's my first "TIF" so I'm very nervous, but I'll do my best ! And this new song will be announced at "MARQUEE Festival Vol.70" on October 5th (Mon), so I hope you will look forward to it. And from 23:00 on October 6th (Tue), our first radio called InterFM "#Babababambi !? RADIO" will start. I don't think we can get a glimpse of what we are like when we are in the dressing room, so please stay up late and listen to it (Lol). We will continue to do our best to update 120% of everyone every time, so please follow us!


<<< Interview with "Kamiya Saki" >>>

——Please give us your thoughts on the members of “#Babababambi”.

Even though it was just formed, I was surprised that each member's performance was different and their individuality stood out. I think "Miyu" is a hard worker who is particular about how to charm the details even at practices. Before I met "Melda", she was nervous about what to do if she was a cool girl because of her beautiful face, but when I actually talked to her, she was very cheerful and her positive attitude toward what she didn't know was wonderful. "Mio" took advantage of her dance experience and swallowed any pretense immediately. When it came to performance, I thought that not only was she cute, but she also had a cool approach. "Akane" is a very nice performer with perfect singing and dancing expressions. When I ask Akane how the practice went, she would point out each members' areas to improve. From the first time I saw "Rui", I wanted her to improve while retaining her goodness; she is innocently cute. Even if she may not be good at dancing, cuteness is still a weapon.


——Please tell us if there are any highlights of the choreography.. The story develops at a considerable rate of speed, like a stupid hero who appears in manga.

I hope that the cuteness of up to 2 choruses will change completely, and that the new charm of "#Babababambi" will be conveyed through the headbang with a danceable part. I think it's easy to imitate the choreography, so I'd be happy if fans could dance together!


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