Risa Aoki has been published in FLASH (Kobunsha), which was released on 1/5 (Tuesday).

Risa Aoki has been published in FLASH (Kobunsha), which was released on 1/5 (Tuesday).

February 10, 2021

Risa Aoki has been published in FLASH (Kobunsha), which was released on 1/5 (Tuesday).
Risa Aoki was born on September 12, 2001 and is a member of the idol unit [# 2i2].
She has an overflowing idol energy, and is also an active female college student, who boasts a deep-rooted popularity with more than 40,000 followers on Twitter.
This time, we will post an interview with Risa Aoki:


<<< Interview with Risa Aoki >>>
1. Congratulations on you posting at FLASH!

A: Thank you! Many of Zeroichi's Senpais were published in FLASH, and it was a magazine I had bought for a long time, so I was really surprised when I found out that I could come out! And I was so happy that I cried a bit. It was my first solo, so I was nervous when shooting. But, it was a lot of fun! I was laughing all the time!



2. You were shot with doing caligraphy. What is your favorite Japanese word?

A: I personally like the word "cover" the most! It's my number one goal right now, and I wrote it very well! lol
I tried to write the four-character idiom that the staff said in kanji, but it seems that it was completely different. Kanji is so difficult ... (laughs) I want to do my best in 2021!


3. What are your goals as a member of idol group, #2i2?

A: I want to make #2i2 the best idol group in the world! !! Let's become a group loved by many people so that many people will know the charm of # 2i2! I want to do my best with all the members! And as an individual, I want to do a lot of my favorite gravure shootings! First of all, my goal is to decorate the solo cover! I will do my best, being grateful everyday for having support by many people and doing this favorite job now! 2021 will be my leap year!


4. Impressions from the editorial department

A: This time, I was asked to challenge the calligraphy since I was in elementary school because it was "Gravure at the beginning of writing in the new year". In the end, I asked them to write on 30 to 40 sheets, and it was impressive that they worked happily. However, he wrote it fluently, but it's cute that the correct answer rate for that character was only about 10% (lol). Mr. Aoki's smile has the power to soften shooting scenes.




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