Rie Momose on "Young Magazine" (Mar 15).

Rie Momose on "Young Magazine" (Mar 15).

April 14, 2021

Rie Momose, who one of a member of GDL Entertainment, appeared in "Young Magazine" (Kodansha) released on March 15th.

・ "Weekly Young Magazine" (Kodansha) link in below https://yanmaga.jp/ym/

Please find below the interview with Rie Momose:


<< Interview >>

・ Congratulations on your first appearance in "Young Magazine"!

A. Thank you! I really like "Young Magazine" among the youth magazines, and I'm really happy! I've been doing my best to post on SNS and build my body so that I can appear in "Young Magazine"! It's still a long way to go, but I feel like I've taken it one step further! In the future, I definitely want to appear on the cover and beginning of "Young Magazine". I'll do my best to do it this year!



・ Do you have any memories of shooting?

A. I recommend all of them, but I recommend taking pictures in the bathroom or sleeping in bed when her hair gets wet! There are many pictures that I don't usually show on SNS, so I want many people to see them!


・ How about graduating from university in this situation?

A. It's a graduation ceremony 4 days after this magazine release. lol It was a great memory to be able to shoot the last student in "Young Magazine"! I mainly studied international culture at university! I also love travelling abroad, so I did a homestay in the US while I was in college! There are many people from overseas who have really beautiful body lines, so I often check them on SNS! I want to be as good as that beautiful!


・ You're good at taking pictures on SNS, but are there any tips on how to take them?

A. I am aiming to post photos that men and women think are beautiful! SNS is very particular about taking close-up photos, distant photos, costumes, etc. so that it will be beautiful and fashionable, not just exposed!


・ Has anything changed in the past year since you started the activity?

A. Little by little, I think everyone getting to know about me! In body make-up, I mainly train my buttocks! When your hips are raised, your back looks beautiful, and your belly looks different depending on your hips! This is only the start, so I want to get more great results!


・ Finally, please give messages to the fans!!

A. I am very happy to be able to appear in the long-awaited "Young Magazine"! I want to appear again! Next time, I would like to show you power-up me! I am very happy to receive many messages "I bought a magazine!!". It was encouraging and I thought I would do my best! I will do my best to meet the expectations of those who support me! Thanks to fans, 2021 will be the year of Momose!


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<< Profile >>

Momose Rie T160 B85 W60 H85

Date of birth 1998/11/8

・ Profile https://01familia.co.jp/talent/

・ Twitter https://twitter.com/momose118

・ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/momose118/?hl=ja 

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