Rea Hanasaki "Hanabira" & "Fruit" released (Apr 30).

Rea Hanasaki "Hanabira" & "Fruit" released (Apr 30).

April 26, 2021

"Problem child in the gravure world" Rea Hanasaki 1st photo book "Hanabira" & "Fruit" released simultaneously on April 30. Rea Hanasaki released two books, "Hanabira" and "Fruit", which are the 1st photo books published by Akita Shoten, on April 30th.

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・ Congratulations on the release of the 1st photobook!

A. Thank you! !! I've always wanted to publish a photo book, so I'm really happy! It was one of my big goals in doing this kind of work! I'm really happy to think that I was able to improve my level a little! Thank you so much for your support! I'm really proud to be able to start shooting two years before I started working in the performing arts! Thank you, everyone!


・ Please tell us your thoughts on the title "Hanabira".

A. The name "Hanasaki Rea" and the surname Hanasaki also means that flowers will bloom. In this photo book "Hanabira", I made it "Hanabira" with the meaning that "each petal gathered" and various me gathered! I think it's a photo book that summarizes me with various facial expressions and various costumes! And I wanted to make it a cute title, so I chose "Hanabira"! I also took cute and beautiful pictures with petals scattered in the bath. I think that the cut became the representative photo of the title "Hanabira"!


・ What is the theme of this photobook?

A. The theme expresses having fun with her in various situations! "She is a high school student", "Enjoy the cherry blossoms and the summer sea season with her", I took pictures that express many situations! My favourite cut is shooting in the high school classroom that I longed for! !! Lol In reality, I think it's only in the drama world to take off uniforms after school in the classroom, so I enjoyed shooting while thinking "if it actually happened ..."! Also, I was afraid to go into the sea because I couldn't swim when shooting in the sea! Lol I was screaming and shooting, thinking that I might drown when the waves came! Lol And because it was raining, it was so cold that I thought it would be too cold to enter the sea at such a temperature. I'm afraid of the sea, so I forgot the cold halfway through! And at the end, while I was running and enjoying shooting on the beach, I forgot the cold and the shooting was over in a blink of an eye!


・ I heard that the locations are in Chiba and Okinawa prefectures, but please tell us the episode in the shooting.

A. I shot it in Boso, Chiba prefecture, and I thought it was a very peaceful town! The cherry blossoms, the air, and the nature were very pleasant! I also shot at the supermarket, but in the end, I went shopping with the photographers and staff managers! Lol The air in the lower part of Chiba looked really good! It was a little cold in Okinawa, but I remember eating my favourite sea grapes! And I think many times that the sea is really beautiful! !! My heart was healed just by looking at it! When I stayed at the hotel, I called a massager, but they gave me more than 20 minutes, so that's also a memory! !! Lol


・ I heard that you will also have a photo book release event!

A. Yes! !! I'm glad to have an event for the first time in about half a year! Also, the photobook release event is big. I definitely want people who have come to see us, those who haven't come recently, to come to see us this time! It's a pity that we can't shake hands or take two shots as usual because of this situation. I would like to have fun with people who support me a lot! I talked with the manager about a lot of opinions and benefits, but we have to have a social distance, so I may not be able to do what I want. I'm really looking forward to it! I am confident that those who come will not regret it! We look forward to seeing you at the event!


・ Please tell us your future activity goals!

A. I can answer every time, but there is no goal of "this is it !!". But recently, I've come to feel even more than ever that I'm happy to be able to work. I think I've grown up a little because I'm very happy to be able to work as usual in this situation. because I can be able to talk to people who support me, to be able to meet and to have fun. So my goal is to continue doing various jobs! And my goal is to experience everything, work in many genres, and work widely in almighty. Now that I have published a photo book that was one of my big goals, my goal is to try a different job again! My work is related to my self-confidence, but what is important is the existence of someone who supports me. Therefore, a person called a problem child is happy to work now. I want to be a person who can be energized with a lot of smiles. P lease continue to come and see me!


・ Please give messages to the fans.

A. Everyone! Finally, the long-awaited photobook has been released! As I say many times, it is thanks to everyone's "support" that we have come this far! thank you very much! I shot it in various situations, so I'd be happy if you could see it while delusionally thinking that Rea Hanasaki was your girlfriend! And I hope you enjoy watching it! I am always grateful for your help!

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Rea Hanasaki

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