Rea Hanasaki appeared as a Young Champion(Apr 27)

Rea Hanasaki appeared as a Young Champion(Apr 27)

June 03, 2021

Rea Hanasaki appeared as a Young Champion released on April 27th. In addition, her first photo book will be released on April 30th. Rea Hanasaki I shot her in her uniform, gym clothes, and petals in Chiba prefecture, where she was born, and in Okinawa, a tropical country. Please find below the interview with Rea Hanasaki:


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・ Congratulations on your appearance on the cover and beginning of Young Champion magazine!

A. Thank you! It's my first time appearing on the cover of this magazine, so I'm really happy! !! I've always been happy, but I'm even happier that this magazine has been powered up again! When I heard from the cover of this magazine and the manager, I was really happy. Thank you very much!

Kotori Kaiga


・ It seems that the first photobook will be released on April 30th!

A. Yes! I think that I took various pictures and it became one book that summarizes my various facial expressions and atmospheres! Facial expressions that are smiling and laughing, and photos that you are enjoying. It's a collection of photos that summarizes me in various ways, such as cool scenes and an ennui atmosphere, so I'll make myself a treasure! I think it has become "Hanabira" where you can see each and every detail of Hanasaki!

Kotori Kaiga


・ What is your favourite photo taken this time?

A. I like cute cosplay, so I like uniforms and cheer girls! The uniforms are nostalgic and I was excited about the development in the classroom! Lol I wanted to go back to my school days. In Cheer Girl cosplay, I took a picture with a hula hoop, so I felt like I had touched it for a long time. It was fun! In gym clothes cosplay, I shot a ball with a baseball bat, and in the sea, I shot while playing with a dolphin float. It's rare to shoot a place where you are playing naturally while holding something, so it was a lot of fun to shoot!

Kotori Kaiga


・ Have you been into something these days?

A. I'm addicted to mahjong, which I've always been a hobby of! In my private life, I like to use my head rather than move my body, so I've been doing it often. Recently, I think that the role alone is not enough, and I also remember score calculation and prefectural calculation. A score calculation table is set on the iPhone lock screen! Lol I hope someday my favourite things will lead to work!


・ Finally, please give a few words to everyone!

A. I am very happy to be on the cover of the first Young Champion magazine! A DVD about the photobook will be included with it, so please take a look at it in advance! The photo book is a work that shows my various facial expressions and shoots, so I'd be happy if you could see that as well. It is thanks to everyone's support and support that we have come to this point. Thank you very much. I want to continue doing a lot of gravure and other work in the future, so I would be very happy if you continue to support me.

Kotori Kaiga


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Rea Hanasaki

Date of Birth: 5/3/1997





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