Nashiko Momotsuki to appear on the cover page of Young King BULL (Shonen Gahosha).

Nashiko Momotsuki to  appear on the cover page of Young King BULL (Shonen Gahosha).

January 27, 2021

Nashiko Momotsuki has appreared as the second consecutive cover page of Young King BULL (Shonen Gahosha), which was released on 1/4 (Monday). Nashiko Momotsuki is very popular now with her 1st photo book "Unfinished" being reprinted for the third time in a month. This time, we have posted an interview with Nashiko Momotsuki at the time of release.


<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>

◆ Congratulations on your appearance on the cover page!

Thank you! I think it's a great honor to decorate the cover in the New Year. What's more, everything from the cover to the end of the book is me! I've been published in various magazines so far. However, it was the first time for me to jack everything by myself. So I was happy but at the same time felt a greal deal of pressure (laughs). But while looking at everyone's reaction on SNS, it's virtually free to see 26 pages! Some people say that they are happy, so I'm glad I did it.



◆ What is the costume concept this time?

This time, I had a photoshoot with the theme of villains. But I had two patterns of villains in a different atmosphere. The first is a strong and challenging girl who is completely black. I think she got a pretty cool atmosphere by shooting with her motorcycle. The other is a pure white knit dress and a brutal girl. I shot it with the image of a woman I don't want to introduce to my boyfriend (laughs) Looking at the two, they are the exact opposite, but they are both common in being a villain, and I hope I can show you that there are various types of villains.


◆ 2021 has begun. How did you spend your new year?

I couldn't go home this year due to COVID, so I was in Tokyo alone for the first time. At the moment of New Year's Eve, I was very lonely so I got on Twitter all the time until I went to sleep. Perhaps because I stayed up too late on New Year's Day, I didn't do anything in particular that day. And I was able to spend my time relatively slowly on these three days. I started working from 1/4, so I've been already working hard! I will do my best to increase the number of jobs I can inform everyone this year, so please continue to support me!



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