Nashiko Momotsuki on "EX大衆" (Mar 15).

Nashiko Momotsuki on "EX大衆" (Mar 15).

April 09, 2021

Nashiko Momotsuki appeared in the "EX mass(EX大衆)" (Futabasha) released on Saturday, March 15th. This is a special issue of 01. Nashiko Momotsuki on the front cover, Yume Hayashi on the back cover, and 15 members of # Babababambi, # 2i2 and Zeroichi Familia appeared in the interview project as well. Besides, Seina Takeuchi is also appearing in the serialization project "Zeroichi Shoten".

"EX mass(EX大衆)" (Futabasha)

Please find below the interview with Nashiko:


<< Interview >>

・ Congratulations on the first cover appearance of "EX mass(EX大衆)".

A. Thank you! "EX mass" has been serializing "01 store" for over a year now. Last time I appeared on the back cover. And I wanted to appear on the cover someday. I think that this time it came true thanks to everyone who supports Nashiko Momotsuki "01 Shoten". Thank you always so much!


・ This time, it's called "01 Special Issue". How about it??

A. Three gravure idols also appeared in the shooting, and both #Babababambi and # 2i2 were featured in the interview project. Even just looking at it for a while, I thought it was amazing! "EX mass(EX大衆)" is a magazine serialized by various idols, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to feature 01 like this. I want everyone in the editorial department who supports me to be glad to be featured in "EX mass(EX大衆)".


・ What kind of shooting was this time?

A. Nashiko Momotsuki x "EX mass(EX大衆)" means "01 store"! So, I asked them to take pictures with the "01 store" goods that they had made so far, or to wear an apron with the "01 store" logo! Furthermore, shooting with my favourite horse meat! This also seems to have nothing to do with "01 store", but it is related, and when I talked about deciding the future policy of "01 store", I was doing it at a horse meat shop. So shooting while eating meat is a proper job.


・ Please let us know if you have any future goals or activity plans.

A. In the future, of course, I will also be working on magazines and acting that we can announce it little by little. For details, there is no Momotsuki. I think that I will update it from time to time on this SNS, so please check @nashiko_cos on both Twitter and Instagram!


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Nashiko Momotsuki

Date of Birth: 11/08/1995

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