Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.

Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.

October 22, 2020

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.
After the acclaimed Kiramager (TV Asahi) broadcast, Nashiko Momotsuki's villainous female executive Yodonna, who plays Nashiko Momotsuki, is receiving a lot of attention on SNS, and "Yodonna" and "Yodonna-sama" is trendy. It has become a hot topic now.
This time, the interview with Nashiko Momotsuki at the time of appearance is posted below.

<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>

■ This is the third cover page!

Please give us your impression.
Thank you! I was happy when it appeared for the second time, but I definitely wanted to take the cover again! I was thinking about it, and the chance came. So I am very happy that it was decided for the third time.
Usually you wouldnt get there three times. So I'm grateful that everyone supported to make this happen!
I'd be happy if you could invite me regularly for the 4th and 5th times. I'd be happy if you could continue to give recommendation as much as possible!


■ Please tell us if you have any episodes from the shooting.

At the time of the first appearance, it seems that I got popular because me wearing the glasses was a rare scene. So this time too, I was put on glasees since I have a new pair of glasses!
I also liked those glasses. I'm happy if my fans will like them!


■ And congratulations on your appearance on Kira Major.

Thank you! It's still like Im in a dream that I am involved in the Super Sentai series, which was watched by the whole family when I was kid.
The appearance of this Kiramager was decided through the audition. But in my personality, I've been saying for a long time that I want to be a villain rather than good guys. And that's really decided! The power of wish is so strong!
I was worried that I would enter the scene as a new character after shooting for about half a year. But the cast and staff welcomed me and I enjoyed shooting very much.
However, not only is it fun, but there are also unfamiliar action scenes and the dubbing. So it is a site where you can experience a lot for a long time. I hope that you can learn more about Kiramager.


■ After the broadcast, "Yodonna" and "Yodonna-sama" became a hot topic.
It's been a long time since I was a villain, and I was a female executive, so I thought it would be a hot topic in the first place.

But honestly, it's more than I imagined ... I'm surprised.
There are many people of all ages and gender who have liked the Super Sentai series for a long time. So I was worried if they would accept me in the first place. But even though I have only been in two episodes, my anxiety has blown away. I'm really happy that everyone loves the character "Yodonna" so much that they help me alot .
Two weeks ago, Yodonna appeared (25 episodes), but even though it was the first appearance and just after the end, there were more than 100 fans on the first day. And all of them were so nice!
I will continue to play an enemy role, but I would like to create a character that is loved by everyone, so I would be grateful if you could support me.
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