Nashiko Momotsuki has released her 1st photo album "Unfinished" on November 11th (Wednesday)

Nashiko Momotsuki has released her 1st photo album "Unfinished" on November 11th (Wednesday)

December 09, 2020

Nashiko Momotsuki has released her 1st photo album "Unfinished" on November 11th (Wednesday). As soon as the reservation started, the sale website went nuts. Reprint request has been decided, so it was very exciting. On November 8th, when she turned 25, she received a series of congratulatory comments on SNS, and "#Momotsuki Nashiko Birthday Festival" got ranked in the Twitter trend. This time, we will post an interview with Nashiko Momotsuki at the time of the release of photo album.


<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>

■ Congratulations on the release of the 1st photo book "Unfinished". Happy birthday again. Please give us your impression.

A. Thank you! I am very happy to be able to release a photobook, which was one of my goals, at this time of one milestone when I am 25 years old. I am now approaching my late 20s. Although it will be released at the time, my debut was Young Magazine, and Takeo Dec. was the first to take the cover, and stylist Mitake Sho, who has been indebted since the debut. Hair and make-up artist JULLY, and other trusted teams have created the work that can be said as the culmination of my last three years.


■ The title is "Unfinished". What does it mean?

A. My name is Nashiko Momotsuki. Momo means a peache. Nashi means pears. So I put a mandarin orange on it ... It's not that there was no reason (laughs). I think that me in my early twenties look immature both physically and mentally. So in that sense there is one meaning that it is not yet completed. After that, I think that the release of the photobook is one of the goals. However I don't think that the release of this 1st photobook is the goal, and I would like to take this opportunity to release the 2nd photobook in the future. I am active in many fields. Since I want to keep going, it means that I want to continue to push forward as "Momotsuki Nashiko".


■ Can you tell me if there is an episode in the shooting?

A. I was planning to shoot for 5 days this time, but miraculously the shooting rolled up in fine weather all day between typhoons, and I was able to finish it in 4 days. The shooting location on Ishigaki Island is also really great, and I have rarely done anything outdoors, but I have never experienced kayaking, horse riding, or boating. I did a lot of things that I didn't have, and it was a fun shoot that was more like a trip than a job. There was a photo shoot in a kitchen car, but a lady gave me some scone. So I thought Ishigaki Island is full of nice people. Also, it was difficult to balance with my first kayak, but once I got used to it, it became a lot of fun. When a boy apporched me and asked my age, I was like, "Niju ... Oh, I'm 18 years old ☆." When I told this to my dad and mom, they burst into laughter (laughs).


■ Can you tell us your future aspirations?

A. Rather than wanting to stand out from one of them, I would like to play an active role in various fields at present, so I will take the opportunity to release this photobook to further tighten my mind and cherish the jobs that I can get and the jobs that I have decided to take one. I want to be able to connect to the next career. For that reason, everyone's support is indispensable, so I hope that you will continue to support Nashiko Momotsuki.


■ And I heard that the reprint was decided even before the release date. Please give us a comment.

A. To be honest, I'm happy with the reprint alone, but I don't think that the reprint will be decided before the release, so I'm full of surprises. I have seen all the reviews on various sales sites and the impressions on SNS, but I heard that everyone really wrote a lot of good impressions and I was glad I bought it. I felt once again that so many people were supporting me, and I wanted to do my best again.


■ Finally, please give a few words to the readers.

A. It's been a difficult time, but I think it was thanks to everyone's support that we were able to release the 1st photobook. As a thank you so far, the release date is close to my birthday, so although it is in the form of a birthday festival, I would like to hold an event in four cities: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. We don't usually hold events in rural areas, so we are planning an event that people in rural areas who can't meet easily can enjoy. Details are updated on my Twitter and Instagram (@nashiko_cos), so I hope you can check it out on SNS as well. And 25-year-old Nashiko Momotsuki wants to play an active part in various fields, so with the release of this photobook, I will be more careful, cherish the work that I can get and the fixed work one by one, and next I want to be able to connect to. Everyone's support has reached me and it has become vital and indispensable for me to do my best, so I hope that you will continue to support Nashiko Momotsuki.


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