"Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome"

"Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome"

September 18, 2020

This time, "Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome", a festival of the American comics fans, at the world's largest simultaneous online event held on August 23 and September 13. The content of the DC FanDome over both days is more than 100 hours of program content, aired in nine languages ​​including Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. This time, an interview with "Nashiko Momotsuki" after the event has been posted as follows:


<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>

——What was your impression when you performed at the “DC FanDome” festival for the American comics fans?

I was truly honored to be able to appear as a Japanese cosplayer in "DC FanDome", which is loved all over the world. I was able to have a profound conversation with people who really love DC, so I had a very fulfilling time despite short timeframe.


——I heard that “DC” has entered the Twitter trend in 53 countries and is a great success all over the world.

It seems that the number of worldwide viewers of the first "DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes" has exceeded 22 million! I was very happy to know how DC is loved all over the world. And I am happy to be able to perform at such DC event that is loved all over the world.


——Have you ever been conscious of Batwoman's cosplay?

At the time of recording, this Batwoman was a work that has not been distributed in Japan yet, so I researched on the net etc. and talked with stylists and hair and makeup artists how to make it look like it and how to bring out originality. As a result, I was very happy to be praised by "Yutaka supi sugiyama" who co-starred it.


——What is the attraction of cosplay?

It goes without saying that you can get closer to what you like and admire, but I think it's attractive to be able to make friends with people who share common hobby like this time. I think it's a wonderful culture because it's good to pursue quality, to find common friends, and to enjoy cosplay in various ways.


——Are there any DC works recommended by Nashiko Momotsuki?

Not to mention Batman, Superman, and Joker, but there are also quite a few DC works whose time series is important. So I think some people may not enjoy it fully unless they see other works from the beginning. However, Aquaman and Shazam can be enjoyed by many people since each of these work is a complete work in itself! Suicide Squad, which was talked about at Harley Queen, is also a spin-off work. Actually, I've enjoyed this one very much! If you are interested, please check it out!


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