Naomi Majima on "What will you do after this?" (Mar 16)

Naomi Majima on  "What will you do after this?" (Mar 16)

April 12, 2021

Naomi Majima appeared in "What will you do after this? (このあと、どうする?)" At the weekly SPA! (Fusosha Publishing) released on 3/16 (Tuesday). This opportunity is thanks to everyone who supports us daily.

Thank you very much. Please find below the interview with Naomi Majima:


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・ Congratulations on appearing in "Weekly SPA!".

A. I wanted to try it every time I see this project in "Weekly SPA!"! Want to get out! !! so I thought! I usually have delusions, so I love delusional dates like this! I'm really happy to be able to appear in that project! Thank you!


・ Please tell us if you have any episodes during shooting.

A. It was raining outside and I was filming, but the coldest memory was the best!! Lol It was very cold that day because the temperature was quite low and the clothes were light sportswear! But I personally think it's very sexy when it gets wet with sportswear, so I tried my best to shoot it! Every time I took a photo, a stylist came and wrapped me in a bench coat and towel and rubbed my back and arms. I was about to tear their kindness,,,


・ Are there any projects you would like to try in the future?

A. Personally, I especially like shooting at hotels in "What should I do after this? (このあと、どうする?)" It may be typical, but I want to shoot from the bar counter in a good hotel with a glossy, sexy and immoral feeling! I want to shoot like an adult atmosphere! Lol


・ It seems that you have a lot of acting work these days, but how about trying acting work?

A. I love acting, so I'm really very happy! I always have a lot of fun acting! When I play a role, if I look for a part of myself that is close to that role, I will discover something new. On the contrary, if this role is a little like someone, identify with it to the people around me, or observe the people in the city and input it on me. Depending on the role, it seems that I feel like still playing a role before and after that, and I think acting is really strange. "Becoming someone different from usual" and "trying to live as someone" can be a refreshing and fun experience! I would be happy if I could try a lot of acting this year!


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Naomi Majima

Date of Birth March 17, 1998 (22 years old)

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Stage "Left-Handed Ellen" -Banksy's Game-The role of Aya Kishi. Omiya Keirin Image Girl. Appearing as Ayaba Kanazawa in "Small Devil Teacher? Psycho", a work that visualizes a popular novel. 

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