Kotori Yui has appeared with Yume Hayashi and Angela Mei, who also belong to the third "Now is Zeroichi" in "B.L.T."

Kotori Yui has appeared with Yume Hayashi and Angela Mei, who also belong to the third "Now is Zeroichi" in "B.L.T."

November 02, 2020

This time, Kotori Yui has appeared with Yume Hayashi and Angela Mei, who also belong to the third "Now is Zeroichi" in "B.L.T." (Tokyo News Service) released on October 24th. As for Kotori Yui, she is a newcomer who has just moved to Tokyo after graduating from her university in March. Until then, she attended a university in Nara and lived a fast life where she would come to Tokyo once a week as an idol otaku. Now she is starting to work as an actual idol. This time, we will post an interview with Kotori Yui at the time of appearance below.

<<< Interview with Yui Kotori >>>

■ Congratulations on your first solo appearance in the magazine and your first BLT appearance.

Thank you! I'm really happy that B.L.T., who has been indebted to me for the first solo appearance in the #Babababambi series! I was surrounded by the staff I had met many times, so I wasn't too lonely (laughs) #Babababambi I was so excited when I had my name on the cover I can't believe my name is on it ...! Moreover, six months after moving to Tokyo, #Babababambi's debut live on 3/27 was canceled and the first live for the band (online) was finally done on 7/6 ... Thanks to everyone that I had such a wonderful opportunity in my three months of idol life. Thank you!


■ How about the "Zeroichi" project? Now is the time for Zeroichi to be a project I was looking forward to from the first installment, so I never thought that I would be called for the third installment. It's like a dream to be with Yume Hayashi and Mei Angela, two of the big stars in the office! I'm sorry that I belong to the group with amazing two people representing Zeroichi line up, but I hope it will be an opportunity for many people to know about me.

■ You recently celebrated your 23rd birthday, how would you like to work in the future?

That's right! 10/24 was my birthday, and I had a cake prepared at the time of shooting for celebration. Thank you! I'm in charge of the white color of the idol group #Babababambi, but I have a goal of standing at Nippon Budokan in two years, so I'd like to work hard towards that. As an individual, I have just started performing arts and there are still many things I would like to try, so I would like you to see me trying various things!


Q. What were you doing before joining Babababambi?

I went to university in Kansai until March of this year. At the end of last year, I was attending a lesson of #Babababambi while writing my thesis, and I couldn't attend the university graduation ceremony with priority given to the lesson, but I'm graduating properly! (Lol)


Q. Did you hear that you have been in Tokyo for about half a year?

Have you got used to life? I moved to Tokyo in a self-restraint mood, so I haven't been out much yet ... There are many types of trains in Tokyo and it is difficult! I still make mistakes, so I always try to leave the house at least 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. I live in a dormitory, but sometimes I cook for myself. It is a special skill to go around the supermarket and find cheap ingredients!


Q. #Please introduce Babababambi. (Members, origins, etc.) #Babababambi is written in Kanji as "horse, horse, horse, fool", but horse and deer mean stupid.

There are a lot of unpleasant and difficult things in Japan today, but let's be stupid and have fun only at this moment! It is a 5-member idol group with such concept. Babababambi had been scheduled to debut on March 27, 2020. But the debut live was canceled due to the influence of the COVID.. There are many bright songs that you can enjoy together. It is distributed on each music media, so please listen to it!


Q. Finally, a word to everyone?

Nice to meet you and those who are always supporting us, thank you for watching! #Babababambi White charge, I'm Yui Kotori. At live performances, I'm singing and dancing with twin tails as much as I can. But at BLT, I think you can see me in an adult-like atmosphere that is different from usual. In addition, B.L.T. also publishes our #Babababambi serialization project "Bambi's Birth". Each member has a lot of individuality, so I hope you will pay attention to each one! Check out the December issue of B.L.T. released on October 24th!


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