Kaho Mori on"Young Dragon Age" for the first time (Mar 29)

Kaho Mori on"Young Dragon Age" for the first time (Mar 29)

April 26, 2021

Kaho Mori first appearance in "Young Dragon Age" (published by KADOKAWA) released on March 29th.

・ KADOKAWA "Young Dragon Age" https://dragonage-comic.com/dragon/.


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・ Congratulations on your first appearance in "Young Dragon Age"!

A. Thank you! I'm very happy! I've been had jealous of seeing some people I respect. I remember being very happy to hear that I had this job this time! Thank you very much for "Young Dragon Age"!


・ Do you have any favourite shoot?

A. I like shooting while eating rice in the morning situation! I wonder if health and innocence suit me! However, the staff often praises the black lingerie type as well. I still have a lot of more favourite photos.


・ How was the shooting?

A. It was taken in the house, so I was relaxed as if I were in my room. While I was shooting in my swimsuit many times, I had a lot of fun shooting with moderate tension! This kind of shooting is one of my favourite jobs, so I would like to appear in "Dragon Age" again. Thank you!


・ I heard that you live with a cat!

A. Yes! I started having it around June last year! I'm worried that my story of cats will be long, but ... This is "Komachi-chan" from Ragdoll! She always has a troubled face, so I named it "Komachi"! I'm so fond of it now that I can't live without a cat! It's often said that if you have a pet, you're done, but that's true. Lol For example, you can't go out. It doesn't hurt to stay in the room all the time. She follows me wherever I go and they understand the human language! That's why I think it's cuter. My dream is to shoot with "Komachi" someday! Dragon Age! Please!


・ Are there any things you are crazy about right now?

A. I'm really into Pokemon cards right now! At Zeroichi, there is a Pokemon card club, and everyone in the office gathers to play card games in a dedicated studio! Hikaru Aoyama and Nashiko Momotsuki are very familiar with Pokemon cards. It’s very fun to play because they teach me politely. If you have any questions, you can ask them immediately, so it feels like you're gradually improving! I will continue to do my best so that my favourite things can lead to work!


・ Please give messages to the fans.

A. Thank you for your continued support! Thanks to everyone's support, I was able to get another chance! It was taken nicely, so I hope you will see it a lot! I will continue to do my best so that many people can see me.

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Kaho Mori Date of Birth: 6/1/1997

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