Interview with Himeka Araya on the first shooting for a Japanese comic magazine, "Young Animal"

Interview with Himeka Araya on the first shooting for a Japanese comic magazine, "Young Animal"

March 04, 2021

Himeka Araya appeared on “Young Animal“ published by Hakusensha for the first time on February 12. Besides that, Momotsuki Nashiko made the cover of the magazine at the same time. Please find below for the interview with Himeka:



■Congratulations on your shooting on “Young Animal” for the first time

A. Thank you so much!! Im really happy that I had this opportunity to shoot solo on this magazine cos I’ve been wanted to try,,,like JUST ME!!! It was the first time for me to shoot at “Young Animal”, not only lovely costume but also the staff are so nice.During the shooting I was already excited to be published and can’t wait to do this again! Im so happy that I am on this magazine with Momotsuki Nashikoshe because I like her how she makes various facial expressions on SNS. Mei Angela she’s going to make the cover next time which makes me super excited obviously. I haven’t seen met her before, but I’m keen to work with her one day.


■Please tell us your memories of Valentine's Day.

A. On one valentine's day when it snowed, I gave a chocolate to a guy that I liked. When I was in junior high school. He made me wait like for a month and said “I’m not ready for a relationship”. It was bloody sad moment cos I had been waiting for such a long time..


■What is your favorite outfit?

A. My favorite is wearing headphones, glasses, white knitted jumper and swimwear! I was like “omg this is everyone like,,,” I wore some another costume, but it was fun to change clothes with different impressions depending on the costumes!


■What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?

A. I suppose to make and eat as many sweets as I like! I'm thinking of making Montblanc cake this year, and when I'm making something, I can feel nothing. So I like it!


■In this situation, how do you spend time at home?

A. I'm basically watching anime. I'm watching ”Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Attack On Titan”, “The Promised Neverland”, “Haikyu", and “the Quintessential Quintessential Bride!”. Or playing with cats, eating something, or taking a half-body bath! I like the bath as much as Shizuka-chan in Doraemon.


■Please give a message to everyone who supports us!

A. Thank you for your support! Recently I've been fascinated by various things that I haven't tried before. In such a situation, I would be happy if everyone could be energized through SNS, magazines, videos, etc.


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Himeka Araya

Born: Japan

Date of Birth: 05/30/1998

Interest: Japanese dance, Ballet, Shodo, Kendo, Volleyball






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