Himeka Araya on "EX大衆" (Mar 15)

Himeka Araya on "EX大衆" (Mar 15)

April 09, 2021

Himeka Araya appeared in the "EX mass(EX大衆)" (Futabasha) released on Saturday, March 15th. This is a special issue of 01. Nashiko Momotsuki on the front cover, Yume Hayashi on the back cover, and 15 members of #Babababambi, # 2i2 and Zeroichi Familia appeared in the interview project as well. Besides, Seina Takeuchi is also appearing in the serialization project "Zeroichi Shoten".

"EX mass(EX大衆)" (Futabasha) https://www.futabasha.co.jp/magazine/ex_taishu.html

Please find below the interview with Araya Himeka:


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・ Congratulations on the appearance of EX masse!

A. Thank you! I am very happy to be on the "EX mass" for the first time! Seeing Nogizaka often appeared, I've been wanted to be on it someday! So I'm very happy to be able to work with the EX public on the issue of Zeroichi Special Set this time!


・ Nashiko Momotsuki on the front cover and Yume Hayashi on the back cover. What is your thought?

A. Nashiko Momotsuki and Yume Hayashi, I've worked together several times! Nashiko Momotsuki I met for the first time, she is a humble, friendly and better image than I had imagined! I imagined she is cool when I see her just in photos ... I would be happy if I could talk more! When I first met Yume Hayashi, I was very surprised at how beautiful she is ... She was very nice with good style and elegance!


・ What kind of shooting was this time?

A. I was shooting myself in the dressing room like before shooting, rather than shooting in the studio or outside! I also took pictures with poppy costumes that I haven't tried so much! The make-up is darker than usual, and the hairstyles are also playable, making me different from usual! I enjoyed shooting, so I want to appear in the "EX mass" again! Thank you very much!


・ Do you have any future ambitions as a sauna girl?

A. I want to visit saunas more, public baths, and hot springs all over Japan! Recently, I go to the public bath a few times a week! I used to go with my mom a lot and I fell in love with it! And I'd be happy if I could appear on a program such as hot springs TV program someday! It's like a guy who wraps a towel and talks! Lol


・ Finally, please give a few words to fans!

A. Thank you for your support! I think I've been able to show you various things these days! I want to do my best to be published in all magazines someday! And thank you for your support on SNS even if you can't meet. I'm always happy to see everyone's comments! So I will be a person who can give you a lot of energy! Thank you for your continued support!


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