Himeka Araya on "BUBKA" (Feb 27).

Himeka Araya on "BUBKA" (Feb 27).

April 01, 2021

Himeka Araya appeared on "BUBKA " published by Byakuya Shobo released on February 27 for the first time.

Please find below the interview with Himeka Araya:


<< Interview >>

・ Congratulations on your appearance at BUBKA for the first time!!

A.Thank you so much! I'm glad to be on BUBKA for the first time this time! Yume Hayashi, one of the members of 01familia, was out before. I've been wanted to try it someday so I'm very happy that it came true! Many of the people who support me also like idols, I hope they will be happy!



・ Please tell us the theme of this shooting!

A.It was my first funny shoot! I've always been shooting like The Orthodox, so the cute and fashioned shots were fresh! I personally like white knit and jeans outfits. The white knit is pretty sexy. I was wondering how do people usually wear it in daily life, but I was able to shot it very cutely! Also, I think that people who support me haven't seen much that is wearing a black one-piece swimsuit in the bath. It's unusual because my hair is wet and I'm showing my forehead that I usually don't show! I can't want everyone to see it!


・ Are there any fashions that you would like to try or stick to in your usual clothes?

A.It seems that blue is popular this season. I want to wear a lot of blue clothe because it's my favorite color! Recently, I'm addicted to monotone coordination! I am glad that I can wear various costumes at work! Also, I wanted to try out a fashion magazine-like outfit by wearing black clothes, dark makeup, and dark lips with big earrings!


・ Please tell us what you are doing now and what you are preparing for your next work. From the first time I started working in swimwear, I realized that daily body shape management is difficult. I'm fighting the calories of what I eat every day! Also, until now, I work many stages, but from now on, I want to focus on acting in films, so I will take a lot of auditions! I would like to take acting lessons once I resume, and I'm sure I need to work harder than ever! I want to do my best to increase TV exposure from now on!


・ A word to everyone who supports fans. Thank you for your support! I am so grateful to everyone who supports me. I will continue to challenge various things, so I would be grateful if you could check it from time to time ...! I will do my best to continue to support you! It's such a time for each other, but let's work together and do our best!


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<< Profile >>

Himeka Araya

Date of birth 1998/5/30

Interested: Japanese dance, ballet, calligraphy, kendo, and volleyball


・Profile https://01familia.co.jp/talent/

・Twitter https://twitter.com/_hime_araya_

・Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hime._.gram/?hl=ja

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