Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th.

Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th.

October 05, 2020

Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th. Below are the details of how she got involved and her interview articles.


<< Talent Interview: Hikaru Aoyama >>

■ Congratulations on your first appearance at Young Dragon Age!

Thank you! !! It was a manga magazine for the first time so I was a little nervous (lol) However, it was an easy and fun place because I knew most of the people at the site! Thank you so much!


■ Please tell us the highlights this time! Peeping into the weekend of female office worker!

That's why I expressed my candid feeling, not a very cool cut! A shopping bag with green onions sticking is a typical image of grocery shopping, isn't it? Lol I think the one I took with fruits looks attractive in some way! ?? I've been taken a lot, so I'm looking forward to seeing which shots are going to be used !!


■ What are you addicted to right now?

It's been a little cooler lately, hasn't it? I love rough clothes, and I always wear T-shirts and trousers. When the temperature gets a little cold, I love hoodies and wear them a lot. But lately, I'm addicted to long sleeve T shirts (Long T) and if I have my favorite Long T, it doesn't matter whether for men or women. I will buy it immediately lol So, I bought a Long T with Asuka at the Eva shop. I feel like I will collect many Long Ts this fall.


■ Please tell us your memories of this summer At this time, I couldn't travel or go on an expedition with Sherbet at all ... Maybe the party with Sherbet with limited number of members at the end of this August would be the best memory.

I have never been to the sea this year, so I enjoyed shooting at the seaside in the morning. I hope Sherbet crew (everyone) and many new comers would be interested in Sherbet! Also, I'm happy when the name matches with the face of the person who replies to me on Twitter etc. This kind of offline party is always a good memory. After all it is fun to hang out with everyone! !!


■ Hikaru always has nice nails. What is the theme this time?

Are you always self? Thank you! This time, I changed the nails for the MV, but I can't somehow get rid of my personal color, "blue" (for some reason) When I was a model for a magazine, I had them done at a nail salon! After that, Yuka Kuramochi's husband and Fuudo's older sister were nail artists. He always comes to Mochi-san's house from far and does my nails! He knows that he likes Pokemon, so he nails Pokemon ...! I really appreciate it! !! He always does it so neatly!


■ Finally, please give a few words to everyone!

I've been performing for 7 years and I'm 27 years old, but ... I would like to continue to gain a lot of experiences! So I want to leave some mark that shows how much I have done. I think it would be this year! Please be sure to fill out the questionnaire! !! Thank you for your continued support so that we can connect to you next time! End.


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