Hikari Kuroki is on the cover of "Manga Action".

Hikari Kuroki is on the cover of "Manga Action".

May 24, 2021

Hikari Kuroki made her third cover appearance in "Manga Action" (Futabasha). Hikari Kuroki broadcasts the role of Ota Yuka (https://m-78.jp/news/post-5509/) of the theatre stage cast of "Ultraman Z", which was broadcast from June 20, 2020, on TV TOKYO. There is a station.

Please find below the interview with Hikari Kuroki:



<< Interview >>

・ Congratulations on appearing in "Manga Action" for the first time in about a year. This is the third cover appearance.

A. It's been a year!!?? It's been so long. One year is really quick. I'm really happy to be able to be on the cover three times! Besides, the content of my work has changed little by little from a year ago. I'm glad to think that the people who are watching it may have changed a little.
And if you compare it with the previous cover for the first time in a year, it may be interesting to see the growth. I also want to compare the covers!



・ How about wearing a uniform as "a high school student"?

A. That's right. I'm still a high school student, but recently I'm pretty worried about whether I can wear a uniform. The reason is that I feel a little guilty when I wear it. But when I try on costumes, I think "Wait! But I might still be able to wear it". I'm a little scared to think so. So I will graduate from school early so that I can wear it as a costume instead of being a high school student.



・ How about high school life?

A. I talked a little about the broadcast of "Shikujiri-sensei", but I couldn't graduate in March this time as well. To be honest, I'm really worried. But I really want to graduate from high school, so I'll do my best this year in the end! By the way, "high school 5.5th grade" can graduate in September of this year at the earliest. In addition, I am saying this word as a punishment for myself so that I will not go to school for a year.



・ Please tell us your favourite costume for this shoot.

A. I've been wearing a lot of different uniforms. The uniform I wore this time was the first colour sailor suit I wore, and I was happy to wear it. It's a really cute uniform! If my school uniform was this uniform, I was shooting while thinking that it would be fun every day. Other than that, I wore a cheerful swimsuit like me and a slightly mature red outfit, so please take a look!



・ Please let us know if you have any future activities or information.

A. From April, I became a regular reporter of "King's Brunch"! In the future, we will be seriously looking forward to delivering information with full brightness so that everyone can smile! And every Sunday, so that I can grow steadily as an assistant of "Yabecchi Stadium" I will do my best, so please continue to support me!

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Height: 160 cm

Date of birth: 2000/6/25

Twitter https://twitter.com/HikariKuroki_

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kuroki_hikari/


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