Hikari Kuroki is on "NYLON JAPAN" for the first time

Hikari Kuroki is on "NYLON JAPAN" for the first time

June 04, 2021

Hikari Kuroki made her first appearance in "NYLON JAPAN" (Kaerum). Hikari Kuroki will play the role of Yuka Ota (https://m-78.jp/news/post-5509), the main cast of "Ultraman Z," which was broadcast on TV Tokyo from June 20, 2020, for about half a year. /) Appeared. Please find below the interview with Hikari Kuroki:


<< Interview >>

・ Please tell us your impressions of NYLON JAPAN's first appearance.

A. It's a fashion magazine that I've always admired and wanted to appear in someday. I am very happy to be able to be on it this time! NYLON's unique place and worldview are very attractive. I thought it was wonderful to see the models that make the most of their individuality. So I hope u can see my personality this time!!

Hikari Kuroki


・ Please tell us your favourite costumes.

A. I wore a miniskirt dress that I don't usually wear and a bandana for the first time as a fashion item. I'm glad that I can wear clothes that I don't usually wear! I especially liked miniskirts when I was in elementary school. But now that I'm wearing long dresses, I don't even show my legs. It's been a while since I was able to wear a miniskirt dress fashionably, and it was fun to feel fresh!

Hikari Kuroki


・ How about working as an actress in various scenes such as appearances on variety shows and MCs? ??

A. I'm glad you said that! I'm looking forward to more things lately! Besides, it was a big thing for me that the day had come to appear in "Celebrity seriously thought! Dokkiri GP" that I had always liked and watched! Lol It's a show I watched with my parents, so I'm happy to report it! The dream of being set up once in my life has come true! I was surprised, but it was really fun, so I'd like to be the one who sets it up someday! Lol

Hikari Kuroki


・ Please tell us your future goals and what you would like to challenge.

A. My future goal is to appear in movies and dramas within a year! After that, I hope I can enjoy the work I received and work on it seriously. I'm addicted to the game recently when I'm private, so I'll finish the quest after updating Monster Hunter Rise every month! And my goal is to graduate from high school in September!

Hikari Kuroki


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Height: 160 cm

Date of birth: 2000/6/25

Twitter https://twitter.com/HikariKuroki_

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kuroki_hikari/

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