Yume Hayashi Continuing from "BUBKA"

Yume Hayashi Continuing from "BUBKA"

September 07, 2020

"Yume Hayashi" has appeared on the cover of "Manga Action" (Futaba-Sha), which will be released on September 1. Continuing from "BUBKA" released yesterday, this time she will appear on the cover. Continuing from the last year, "Yume Hayashi", has been nominated for TC Candler's "The Most Beautiful Faces of 2020" for the second year in a row. She is said to be a world-class beauty,armed with the blessed style and visuals of a height of 168 cm. She is actively working as a model on magazines and now at events.


—— Congratulations on the first appearance and the first cover on "Manga Action".

Thank you! It's my first time to appear, and I'm really happy with the cover! ! I am very grateful to the people who always support me, and I will continue to do my best!


——It's the second consecutive magazine appearance after "BUBKA" released.

It's really nice to see the magazine published for two consecutive days! I think you can see "Yume Hayashi" in a different atmosphere from "BUBKA", so please check both! I feel energetic during "manga action", and I think I can see a life-sized "Yume"! Lol


——Please tell us if there is anything that left an impression on you during shooting.

Recently, I often took pictures in a cool, mature atmosphere, so I think there are many cute and lively pictures this time! I took a bicycle for shooting, but since I never came to Tokyo, I rode it for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Lol I used to ride a bicycle when I lived in Furano, so I recalled my childhood years. But I was a little scared. .. Lol


——Please tell us what you have recently enjoyed on your YouTube channel.

I recently tried pranking for the first time! I got a special make-up from the hair and make-up team and did it in earnest, but it was a great success and it was so much fun! I thought like setting up was interesting too. Lol I absolutely hate being pranked though lol (c) Akihiro Saga / Futaba-Sha


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