"#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "

"#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "

September 17, 2020

This time, "#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "#BababaBambi !? RADIO" on "InterFM897". Broadcast duration is 1 hour starting from 23:00 to 24:00 every Tuesday in Japan time. This time, we will post an interview about the radio prior to the program.


<<< Member Interview >>>

——Congratulations on your first radio program!

Thank you very much. I've always dreamed of working on radio, and I've always wanted to try it, so I was really surprised and very happy. Of course, I would like to take this opportunity to make the program fun for the new listeners as well as to all of "#Bababa" (nicknamed by #BababaBambi fans). To be honest, I'm worried whther this member can host the radio show, but ... lol. I will do my best!


——What kind of program do you want to make?

I thought about it, but not all the members are good at improvising ourselves, so I would like you to see us as we are! It's the individuality of each member, and the one that you don't know yet ... I hope you can learn more about "#BababaBambi" through this radio! However, because the personality of each members is quite strong, there will be full of laughter from "Melda" and "Mio", and maybe "Miyu" and "Akane" will fall asleep on the way, and "Rui" will become angry. It may be like that. Lol


——I heard that the radio show is the result of the continuatoin of a publicly recorded TV program.

Yes! Originally, we had a public recording program once a month, and many people watched it, but I've always wanted to do radio with "#BababaBambi", so that's it. I am very happy to realize it. I was confident because I was doing other shows on platforms such as SHOWROOM from time to time ... (laughs) We will do our best to deliver various things, so please look forward to it!


——Please tell us your impressions when you actually recorded in the recording studio.

The first studio was just exciting! I knew that my voice was echoed and I could hear it, and I felt like a radio, and I got excited. I have a Kansai accent (dialect) in way I speak, and I think it's easy to hear the difference from other members on the radio, so please listen carefully!


——Please tell us your frank impression when you heard that the radio will start for the first time.

I'm really looking forward to it! Until now, "#BababaBambi !? RADIO" has been held as an event for public recording (public recording will continue at the event) I'm afraid that we can talk properly because it was derived from the radio and we all decided to do the program. I'm excited to be able to take on a new challenge with "#BababaBambi".


——Please give a word to everyone It's my first time to work with only through my voice, so I'm kinda thrilled! We hope you will find out more about us, so please listen to "#BababaBambi !? RADIO"!


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