#Babababambi becomes Sugito Town supporter

#Babababambi becomes Sugito Town supporter

April 16, 2021

As part of the regional revitalization project being promoted by #Babababambi, We are appointed as a "Sugito Town Supporter" to help Sugito Town, Kitakatsushika District, Saitama Prefecture. Miyu Kishi, a member of #Babababambi, who is from Saitama Prefecture and has a connection with Sugito Town, will become the "support leader" and will be excited as #Babababambi.

Sugito Town: http://www.town.sugito.lg.jp

Please find below the interview with #Babababambi:


<< Member Interview >>

・ Congratulations on your appointment as a “Sugito Town Supporter” as this is your first time working with the community. Miyu Kishi (red)

A. Thank you! My name is Miyu Kishi and I am in charge of #Babababambi Red, who has been appointed as the Sugito Town Support Leader! I'm really happy because I never thought that the day would come when I could be a supporter in Sugito-town, where I have many memories since I was little! I greeted the mayor and the chairman of the tourism association. Everyone treated me very kindly and taught me a lot about the charm of Sugito Town. From now on, the members of #Babababambi would like to share the good points of Sugito Town with many people! Ikeda Melda (green)

A. Thank you! I'm also from Saitama prefecture, so I'm really happy to be able to work in the area of Saitama prefecture! There are many delicious foods in Sugito Town, and festivals are also very nice! I will do my best to tell good points of Sugito Town!


・ I heard that you actually visited Sugito Town. How was it? Saeko Kondo (purple)

A. "Sugipyon" in Sugito Town welcomes us, and the lantern floating on the Furutone River at the Furutone River style lantern festival has an illustration of #Babababambi drawn on it. I had a great time playing with the members and having a great time in Sugito Town. This was my first time doing this kind of work, but today I found a lot of things I would like to recommend to everyone. I am very happy to be able to help liven up Sugito Town as a supporter! Usaki (peach)

A. I ate lunch at a shop in Sugito Town at lunchtime! "Daikichi", a sushi restaurant, and "Atagoya", an eel restaurant. Both sushi and eel are really delicious and I want to eat them again! I recommend you it when you come to Sugito, please go eat! I got a pamphlet about the town, which includes recommended spots in Sugito and gourmet food. There are many other gourmet information and famous places, and I became more interested in Sugito Town! It's a town with lots of charm, so please go to Sugito Town! I will do my best to know more about Sugito Town and to make it even more exciting by disseminating a lot of charm!


・ I heard that the theme is to contribute to the community was involved in as #Babababambi. Mio Minato (blue)

A. Yes! From the time when the concert local expedition is decided, I would like to know the culture of the area and go to delicious foods and sightseeing spots and send them out! When I went to the concert in Okinawa before, I put an autograph on the Okinawa soba restaurant we ate at. I was very happy that a lot of our fans went to the store and took pictures there! I would like to continue to visit various places through concert and discover good places! Rui Takanashi (white)

A. Yes. Even when I go on a concert expedition, when we have time, we visit famous places, eat specialities, and get to know the place. And I would like to tell good points to everyone by sharing that experience on SNS. I will continue to visit many places for a live concert, so I would like to find a good place and promote a lot! Also, In #Babababambi few members are from rural areas such as Mie, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto, so we are talking with each other if we can someday work to support the place where all the members have a connection!


・ Are there any things you would like to try in various areas? Akane Yoshizawa (yellow)

A. As an idol, I would like to travel with #Bababa (fan name of #Babababambi) who support us and make concert memories of the area. I hope that the local people will come to see our live performance. Also, #Babababambi always eats specialities when we go on an expedition. I'm from Fukuoka and love ramen, so I want to eat ramen from various regions in 47 prefectures. In April, we have a concert in Fukuoka, my and Mios hometown! I would like you to take a picture with the acrylic stand at the recommended rice shop and post it on Twitter!


・ Please tell us if you have any future activities in Sugito Town. Miyu Kishi (red) Of course, we will tell the good points of Sugito Town. We would be happy if we could participate in our concert and events in Sugito Town so that everyone could visit us! Events have been cancelled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so it would be nice if there was an event, but since Sugito Town is famous for the "Furutonegawa Ryu Lantern Festival", I definitely want to participate in the Toro float if it is held this year! I also heard that there are cultural festivals and sports festivals for local people. If it is held, I would like to participate and publicize many of the good points of Sugito Town! I will do my best to make it exciting. thank you!


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<#Babababambi member profile>

Miyu Kishi (red)

Height: 145 cm Date of birth: 20011/2/13

Nickname: Miyu Kishi

Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture Twitter https://twitter.com/miyu_kishi0213

Her followers 66,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/miyu_kishi0213/



Mio Minato (blue)

Date of birth 1997/6/10

Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture

Nickname: Miochi

Twitter https://twitter.com/minato__mio

Number of followers 54,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/minato__mio/



Akane Yoshizawa (yellow)

Date of birth 1997/7/2

Birthplace: Fukuoka

Nickname: Akane

Twitter https://twitter.com/akanekogurasi

Number of followers 45,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nesomagic72/



Little bird play (white)

Date of birth 1997/10/24

Origin: Mie

Nickname: Rui

Twitter https://twitter.com/pipipi_br Her

followers 46,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pipipi_br/



Ikeda Melda (green)

Date of birth 2000/2/6

Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture

Nickname: Melda

Twitter https://twitter.com/meruda__ikeda

Number of followers 35,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/meruda__ikeda/


Usaki (pink) Date of Birth: 2003/4/27

Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture

Nickname: Usa

Twitter https://twitter.com/usa_usa0427

Number of followers 23,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/usa_usa0427/



Saeko Kondo (purple)

Date of birth: July 1, 1997

Birthplace: Kumamoto

Nickname: Sae-chan

Twitter https://twitter.com/saekondo_inu

Number of followers 36,000

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/saekondo_inu

Number of followers 15,000

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