Anri Morishima on "Young Champion" (Mar 2).

Anri Morishima on "Young Champion" (Mar 2).

April 08, 2021

"Anri Morishima appeared on ""Young Champion "" on March 2 for the first time.
Anri Morishima of the idol unit ""# 2i2"", which is rapidly gaining popularity. They are also challenging cute uniforms and adult-like costumes in Okinawa Japan. With her overwhelming singing ability, mature and neat appearance, and a beautiful body with a good balance, SNS has become a hot topic.
Please find below the interview with Anri Morishima:

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・ Congratulations appeared on ""Young Champion"".

A. Thank you! I am very happy to be on it for the first time! Yay!!


・ I think you had a shooting in Okinawa, but please tell us about any episodes.

A. Actually, it was the first Okinawa in my life!
I'm a rainy bringer who rains every day of shooting, but when I checked the day before departure, I was planning to spend two days in Okinawa as a typhoon ... Surprisingly, it didn't rain and there were times when it was sunny, so I was relieved ...! I'm sure there was a sunny bringer who was better than my rain bringer! I was really happy with the delicious Okinawan food, the beautiful sea, and the hermit crabs I saw them for the first time!


・ What is your favourite costume?

A. It's a swimsuit! For the first time, I wore a swimsuit shooting in the magazine. I love Aya Kawasaki wearing swimwear, a senior at the office who used to make the cover of ""Yanchan"". I asked the hairdresser to make the hair a ponytail as Aya did on the cover!


・ Please tell us about the first photo book to be released soon.

A. When I decided to make a photo book, I felt like I could give back to everyone who has been supporting me for a long time."" I've grown enough to publish a photo book!"". All the costumes are so cute that I've been looking forward to shooting since I was matching the costumes!
I can't wait for everyone to see it soon! I want the managers of the office and those who have taken care of me to think ""Anri Morishima has grown so much"".


・ Please tell us about the recent activities of the idol unit ""# 2i2"" that debuted from the cover of Young Jump (Shueisha) released on December 3, 2020 (Thursday).

A. Recently, we have a live performance every week.
I am grateful to the organizers for calling #2i2 and everyone who always comes to see and support us. Member Kisumi Amau is currently undergoing medical treatment. I would like to show the strongest # 2i2 with 5 people when Kisumi can perform well.


・ Finally, please give comments to the fans.

A. Thank you for your support! Nice to meet you, I hope you will remember just the name at least! I'm Anri Morishima, No.002 of # 2i2 who loves to sing and dance! Thanks to everyone who has always supported me, I featured on ""Young Champion"" for the first time. I'm really happy! Even if you know this for the first time after seeing this post, if you are wondering ""What Anri Morishima is like?"", I would be grateful if you could visit #2i2 concert! Thank you for your continued support!


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・ Name: Anri Morishima

・ Date of birth: December 2, 2001

・ Members of the idol unit ""# 2i2""

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