"# 2i2" made its debut live at Sanrio Puroland!

"# 2i2" made its debut live at Sanrio Puroland!

February 18, 2021

On December 19, 2020, "# 2i2" made its debut live at Sanrio Puroland hosted by #Babababambi. # 2i2 has already received lots of offers from various media, such as decorating the cover of "Weekly Young Jump" before making an official debut. Due to the recent COVID situation, the live has been held with a limited number of visitors. But there were a total of more than 1000 visitors including distributors. This time, the photos of live and the comments from the group are posted below. <<< # 2i2 Interview >>>


Q. Congratulations on your debut live! First of all, please introduce yourself.

A. Hi I am Toomi, 001 from # 2i2 . I call everyone who supports me "master", and I am a self-proclaimed master lover". I think my strength in the gourp # 2i2 is my dance performance! Hi everyone, this is Anri Morishima, 002 from # 2i2! At the live, I called myself as a Snow White born in Gunma pref... lol I'm confident in my white skin and beautiful black hair which reresemble the princess! I love my town in Gunma so please support! Thank you! This is Risa Aoki, 003 from # 2i2 ! My hobbies are to get on SHOWROOM and bath cleaning! I also love eating fatty tuna! I also love ramen! Thank you! Hiya, this is Yui Oku, 004 from # 2i2. As an active university student idol, I'm working hard at university and at work! I spend my holidays messing around with Taro (my cat) ! This is Kisumi Amau, 005 from # 2i2. My nickname is Kiss Mi. The name came from my father who loves Kyosuke Himuro, who has a song called "KISS ME". My hobby is visiting public bath with my family.


Q. What are your thoughts on your first live performance at Sanrio Puroland?

Anri Morishima: I was the most nervous ever in my life ...! When I was waiting on the stage sleeves before the live started, the funny and cute Sanrio Puroland BGM started to play at the venue, and suddenly the BGM stopped! After that the # 2i2 BGM started and I was like my legs are shaking~~~~! I was barely able to stand, so I thought that if I danced, I would fall down immediately. But when it all started, I was filled with feelings of fun and my trembling stopped.


Q. How was your journey to your debut, including preparations?

Tomi: I think everyone says this, but it seemed long and short. Suddenly I was told to go to a lesson where a lot of juniors were summoned. And four months later, the members of group were decided and I was finally able to perform in the public. I am full of gratitude that I have come to this point with the support of the members and many people.


Q. Did you have any mistakes in your debut live or any points you would like to make use of in the future?

Risa Aoki: I wanted the power to entertain and attract our fans! I want to make the live so that everyone on the floor can enjoy it together, so I will continue to do my best!


Q. What are your future goals?

Yui Oku: # 2i2 is to stand on the stage of the Budokan. I also want to appear on terrestrial music programs! I love the # 2i2 song and I like it so much that I listen to it every day. I want a lot of people to listen to the # 2i2 song!


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