Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.
October 22, 2020

Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki is featured in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten) released on Thursday, October 1st.
After the acclaimed Kiramager (TV Asahi) broadcast, Nashiko Momotsuki's villainous female executive Yodonna, who plays Nashiko Momotsuki, is receiving a lot of attention on SNS, and "Yodonna" and "Yodonna-sama" is trendy. It has become a hot topic now.
This time, the interview with Nashiko Momotsuki at the time of appearance is posted below.
<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>
■ This is the third cover page! Please give us your impression.
Thank you! I was happy when it appeared for the second time, but I definitely wanted to take the cover again! I was thinking about it, and the chance came. So I am very happy that it was decided for the third time.
Usually you wouldnt get there three times. So I'm grateful that everyone supported to make this happen!
I'd be happy if you could invite me regularly for the 4th and 5th times. I'd be happy if you could continue to give recommendation as much as possible!
■ Please tell us if you have any episodes from the shooting.
At the time of the first appearance, it seems that I got popular because me wearing the glasses was a rare scene. So this time too, I was put on glasees since I have a new pair of glasses!
I also liked those glasses. I'm happy if my fans will like them!
■ And congratulations on your appearance on Kira Major.
Thank you! It's still like Im in a dream that I am involved in the Super Sentai series, which was watched by the whole family when I was kid.
The appearance of this Kiramager was decided through the audition. But in my personality, I've been saying for a long time that I want to be a villain rather than good guys. And that's really decided! The power of wish is so strong!
I was worried that I would enter the scene as a new character after shooting for about half a year. But the cast and staff welcomed me and I enjoyed shooting very much.
However, not only is it fun, but there are also unfamiliar action scenes and the dubbing. So it is a site where you can experience a lot for a long time. I hope that you can learn more about Kiramager.
■ After the broadcast, "Yodonna" and "Yodonna-sama" became a hot topic.
It's been a long time since I was a villain, and I was a female executive, so I thought it would be a hot topic in the first place. But honestly, it's more than I imagined ... I'm surprised.
There are many people of all ages and gender who have liked the Super Sentai series for a long time. So I was worried if they would accept me in the first place. But even though I have only been in two episodes, my anxiety has blown away. I'm really happy that everyone loves the character "Yodonna" so much that they help me alot .
Two weeks ago, Yodonna appeared (25 episodes), but even though it was the first appearance and just after the end, there were more than 100 fans on the first day. And all of them were so nice!
I will continue to play an enemy role, but I would like to create a character that is loved by everyone, so I would be grateful if you could support me.
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This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine
October 13, 2020

This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine

This time, Toomi made her appearance in a maganzine, the Monthly Entertainment (Tokuma Shoten) , which was released on September 30th.
Recently, Toomi has received a great deal of attention from collaborative shooting with anime characters, and has been nominated to play in a drama. It is expected that the field of her activity will expand in various fields soon.
This time, the interview with Toomi at the time of appearance is posted below.
<<< Interview with Tomi >>
Q. Congratulations on your monthly entertainment appearance!
Thank you!
A. Many of the talents of Zeroichi Familia, to which I belong, are indebted to Monthly Entertainment. So I'm glad that I've been able to get photo shot on it for the first time!
Q. How was the shooting in Okinawa?
A. It's been a long time since I went to Okinawa. But the revisiting and shooting there was even more fun after a while!
My favorite shot was a wake-up shot with glasses!
Actually, I didn't like wearing glasses at first ... But fans seem to like the way I look dubm in the morning of weekend with glasses (lol). So I was like why not?
In the end I started to like getting photoshoot which portrays how I spend my weekend.
Q. The shooting of Weekly Playboy "Kinnikuman Collaboration" before was a hot topic, but are there any plans for collaboration in the future?
It is actually another manga, but I've collaborated with it the other day!
Thankfully, with the full cooperation of the original author of the manga, the content should be completely immersed in the world view of the manga ...!
Collaborative photography with manga and anime characters is a reward for me as an Otaku, and I would be happy if I could continue to collaborate with various characters!
Please look forward to it!
Q. A word to your fans?
Thank you for your support!
We will continue to expand the field of activity in the future, so thank you for your continuing support ...!
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Anri Morishima made her debut on the series of "Mi Zeroichi Gakuen."
October 12, 2020

Anri Morishima made her debut on the series of "Mi Zeroichi Gakuen."

Anri Morishima made her debut on the series of "Mi Zeroichi Gakuen." This was introduced at the monthly entertainment (Tokuma Shoten), which was released on September 30th. Anri Morishima appeared as the third character of "Zeroichi Gakuen". Anri Morishima started her activities in earnest in April of last year, and spent three hours for lessons and shooting from Gunma, her hometown. She still goes to her high school there. This time, the interview with Anri Morishima at the time of appearance has been posted below.

<<< Interview with Anri Morishima >>>

Q. Congratulations on your appearance at "Zeroichi Gakuen".

A. I was very happy! We were shooting while my work got canceled or postponed due to the COVID19. So, my aspiration to be filmed was resolved lol I kept shaped and waited for the moment!

Q. How was the shooting at school?

A. It was the first time I shot in a school classroom! Until recently, I used to play Country Road because I had a recorder on the bedside of my house for some reason. I was happy to be able to show it to everyone when the recorder was handed over with shooting props.

Q. Do you have any future activity reports?

A. The release of the first photo book has been decided, and I had been shot in Okinawa the other day! !! The release date is still undecided, but I wore a lot of cute costumes, so please look forward to it! !!

Q. Please give some words to your fans.

A. Thank you for your support! The number of followers on Twitter has exceeded 100,000, and thanks to everyone's support, I think I'm growing slowly but surely! Thank you very much! From now on, I will be more active. It is the time of Morishima! I will do my best to be told like this!! Thank you!

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Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha)
October 08, 2020

Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha)

This time, Yume Hayashi made her appearance at "Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition" (Genkosha) which was released on 9/1.
Yume Hayashi has been working as an employee at an IT company, and with her height of 168 cm and blessed style and visuals, she has appeared in many magazines and done model activities. She is also recently seen in television programs.

This time, the interview with Yume Hayashi after the appearance is posted below.

<<< Interview with Yume Hayashi >>>

■ Congratulations on the back cover of Gravure Archives 2020 Autumn Edition.

I am very happy to appear on the back cover!
There are many pages inside and the content is much, so I would like everyone to take a look!

■ I heard that the magazine has as many as 32 pages.

I rarely had the opportunity to be posted on 32 pages, so I'm really happy to have been posted!
Wearing various costumes was a great experience. My costumers were smart, mature, and cool. Each has a different vibe, so you can see the various sides of Yume in one book!

■ Please tell us if there is anything that left an impression on you during the shooting.

When I took a picture of a brown swimsuit with a see-through Haori, there was a shot I took while standing on one leg. But it was quite difficult because I was standing on one leg with heels! Lol
It's difficult to balance and it's wobbly (laughs)
But while I was in the wind, I had my face taken very sharply. Lol
I really like the photo because it looks really cool!

■ It seems that you recently appeared on a TV program in Hokkaido and challenged your first MC. How was it?

I appeared on HBC's "Made in Hokkaido" last time, and it was the second appearance this time. But this time I was a little nervous because it was my first MC! Lol
However, the performers gave me a lot of excitement, so I really enjoyed being there !
I also love watching various comedy shows, so it was really fun to be able to perform!
It was a program that was broadcasted in my hometown of Hokkaido, so I heard that my friends and family watched it together. So I was like I should continue to do my best!

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"TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun).
October 06, 2020

"TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun).

This time, Nashiko Momotsuki appeared as the enemy executive Yodonna in the "TV Asahi" series "Mashin Sentai Kiramager" broadcast on September 27 (Sun).
This time, I will post an interview when I appeared in Nashiko Momotsuki below.
<Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki>
——This time, Momotsuki-san plays a villain called Yodonna. However, at the time of the audition, I heard that there was already an episode about “evil”.
There was a question on the application called "My bad personality", and I wrote down as much as I could. It seems that it was quite rare ... (laughs). When asked, "Would you have been able to write more if there was more space?", I answered "Yes! I think I can either write more or write in detail what I wrote!"
When I said something like this, I was already accepted for the role.
Basically, I'm trying to behave in a friendly manner at work, but at the time of the audition, people knew that I am someone with bad personality (laughs). So I feel embarrassed hiding my bad sides ... (laughs).
——Yodonna has a very unique outfit and hairstyle, but how did you wear it well?
When I first saw it, I thought it would be nice to wear such a cool outfit everyday. However, I knew that the shooting would be done during summer, so I was a little worried how hot I might get in this outfit. However, I was able to pass the summer of 2020 because a stylist helped arrange my clothes to have some mesh which allows wind to go through. Also, this outfit is very particular, but the crows on the shoulders and the decoration on the head are quite wide. When I wear costumes, the crows often hit people and things, so I want to get a grip on distance quickly (laughs).
——How about participating in the shooting of “Kiramager”?
Since Yodonna is a newborn character, I play while consulting with the director and everyone about what kind of personality she is and how to play it. Until now, I haven't had the opportunity to consult about the role with someone, so it was a very valuable experience. It's rewarding, and I really feel the fun creating a character. So, every day I am surrounded by creative people and I am really happy about it.
Also, there is one thing I really regret ... Until now, I had the opportunity to talk to the "Kira Major" people before the transformation. But I couldn't easily talk to them, saying, "I'm proud that I'm a villain," because of the lack of my communication skill. .... Shooting is still going on, so I want to get to know about others better!
——Finally, do you have a message for the viewers?
I will serve as an enemy female executive named Yodonna. It's been a while since I've played a villain, so I'm under a lot of pressure. But I'd be happy if fans love Yodonna and the Yodon army. How will the story change with the advent of Yodonna ... everyone, please look forward to it!
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Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th.
October 05, 2020

Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th.

Hikaru Aoyama appeared in "Young Dragon Age" (KADOKAWA) released on September 28th.
Below are the details of how she got involved and her interview articles.
<< Talent Interview: Hikaru Aoyama >>
■ Congratulations on your first appearance at Young Dragon Age!
Thank you! !! It was a manga magazine for the first time so I was a little nervous (lol)
However, it was an easy and fun place because I knew most of the people at the site! Thank you so much!
■ Please tell us the highlights this time!
Peeping into the weekend of female office worker! That's why I expressed my candid feeling, not a very cool cut!
A shopping bag with green onions sticking is a typical image of grocery shopping, isn't it? Lol
I think the one I took with fruits looks attractive in some way! ??
I've been taken a lot, so I'm looking forward to seeing which shots are going to be used !!
■ What are you addicted to right now?
It's been a little cooler lately, hasn't it?
I love rough clothes, and I always wear T-shirts and trousers.
When the temperature gets a little cold, I love hoodies and wear them a lot. But lately, I'm addicted to long sleeve T shirts (Long T) and if I have my favorite Long T, it doesn't matter whether for men or women.
I will buy it immediately lol
So, I bought a Long T with Asuka at the Eva shop.
I feel like I will collect many Long Ts this fall.
■ Please tell us your memories of this summer
At this time, I couldn't travel or go on an expedition with Sherbet at all ...
Maybe the party with Sherbet with limited number of members at the end of this August would be the best memory.
I have never been to the sea this year, so I enjoyed shooting at the seaside in the morning.
I hope Sherbet crew (everyone) and many new comers would be interested in Sherbet!
Also, I'm happy when the name matches with the face of the person who replies to me on Twitter etc.
This kind of offline party is always a good memory.
After all it is fun to hang out with everyone! !!
■ Hikaru always has nice nails. What is the theme this time? Are you always self?
Thank you! This time, I changed the nails for the MV, but I can't somehow get rid of my personal color, "blue" (for some reason)
When I was a model for a magazine, I had them done at a nail salon!
After that, Yuka Kuramochi's husband and Fuudo's older sister were nail artists.
He always comes to Mochi-san's house from far and does my nails!
He knows that he likes Pokemon, so he nails Pokemon ...!
I really appreciate it! !! He always does it so neatly!
■ Finally, please give a few words to everyone!
I've been performing for 7 years and I'm 27 years old, but ...
I would like to continue to gain a lot of experiences!
So I want to leave some mark that shows how much I have done. I think it would be this year!
Please be sure to fill out the questionnaire! !!
Thank you for your continued support so that we can connect to you next time!
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青山光(Hikaru Aoyama)將於9月28日上映的《少年龍騰世紀》(KADOKAWA)中出演。
謝謝! !!這是很長時間以來的第一次漫畫雜誌,所以我有點緊張。大聲笑
我認為我拿到的水果在某種程度上看起來很吸引人! ??
我花了很多時間,所以我很期待看到正在使用的東西! !!
因此,EVA商店裡有明日香的Ron T,所以我立即買了它。
看來Ron T將於今年秋天收集。
畢竟和所有人一起玩很有趣! !!
謝謝!這次是我為MV更換的釘子,但由於某些原因,我無法輕易去除自己的顏色“藍色” w
對此,我真的非常感激! !!它總是會清理!
請務必寫下調查表! !!
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Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song
October 01, 2020

Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song

"Saki Kamiya" (from "WACK" as a choreographer for the new song "-Shishindenshin-" by "#Babababambi" to be released on Oct 5th) has participated this time.
"Saki Kamiya" used to belong to "WACK" and is a member of the former "BiS" and former "GANG PARADE". Currently she is working as a freelance choreographer.
This time, we will post an interview with Kamiya Saki and "#Babababambi" about their new song as below:
<<< "#Babababambi" member interview >>>
—— Congratulations on the release of new song “-Shishindenshin-” scheduled on October 5th.
<Miyu Kishi>
Thank you! I think this new song involves our headbang and you can see the new side of us.
The choreography is easy to imitate, so it's one of my favorite songs because it has a "#Babababambi" spirit to it!
There is a part of the interlude dance where I dance in pairs with "Mio". "Saki Kamiya" said "There is a difference in your height, but I intentionally made this formation", so I would like everyone to pay attention to the part !!
I'm glad that members praised me for getting better at singing than before!
We will do our best to deliver the best performance to everyone so please look forward to it!
—— “#Babababambi” I heard that it was the first choreography by Saki Kamiya.
<Rui Takanashi>
That's right! I've known "Saki Kamiya" since she was an idol, and I've seen her in the live performance. So I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of choreography "#Babababambi" would have.
I have no experience in dancing. And I have a strong sense of weakness compared to other members because I have no sense of movement. If I was dancing as hard as I could, I was told that the awkwardness and the atmosphere can be strong point. So I decided to do my best again.
Each member's habits are seen and the choreography that suits them is considered, so it is a fun work that makes our individuality stand out.
——Please tell us the recommended points for dance and songs.
<Melda Ikeda>
The first verse of the song is about reality and the second verse is about an ideal world. What I would like you to pay attention to is the second verse "Pumpkin carriage and ball". However, there are lots of fun performances, such as we are actually making a pumpkin carriage in the swing. You can see a horse running by being pulled, so its so fun and please pay attention to it!
There is also a double piece dance part of the chorus dance, but it's very cute and easy to imitate, so I'd be happy if you could dance with me!
And again, I was allowed to rap, but the tune changes drastically from the rap part. Everyone is doing headbanging, so I think that we can see us that we can not usually see, so please take a look!
——Please tell us about the songs, lyrics, and dance scenes.
<Akane Yoshizawa>
I'm writing the lyrics this time as well, but this song can be done if we and everyone become crazy, even if it's usually difficult or impossible! I put a meaning.
At first, the story begins with the actual daily life of the members, and then the story begins with the thoughts of many people and the sweat and tears. In No. 2, I wish I could proceed as ideal as Cinderella, but if I can't, I'm going to be the main character and create a story.
And finally, the lyrics say that the book that spun the growth of "#Babababambi" and the support of those who support it is a story with you.
The tune is very bright, and the choreography often matches the lyrics, and it is packed with cuteness and coolness.
Please enjoy "#Babababambi" with various expressions.
——Finally, please tell us about future plans for “#Babababambi” and a message for fans.
<Mio Minato>
Thank you to all the fans who always send warm support and everyone who is interested for the first time!
As for our future plans, we will make our first appearance at "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 2020" on October 4th (Sun)!
It's my first "TIF" so I'm very nervous, but I'll do my best !
And this new song will be announced at "MARQUEE Festival Vol.70" on October 5th (Mon), so I hope you will look forward to it.
And from 23:00 on October 6th (Tue), our first radio called InterFM "#Babababambi !? RADIO" will start.
I don't think we can get a glimpse of what we are like when we are in the dressing room, so please stay up late and listen to it (Lol).
We will continue to do our best to update 120% of everyone every time, so please follow us!
<<< Interview with "Kamiya Saki" >>>
——Please give us your thoughts on the members of “#Babababambi”.
Even though it was just formed, I was surprised that each member's performance was different and their individuality stood out.
I think "Miyu" is a hard worker who is particular about how to charm the details even at practices. Before I met "Melda", she was nervous about what to do if she was a cool girl because of her beautiful face, but when I actually talked to her, she was very cheerful and her positive attitude toward what she didn't know was wonderful.
"Mio" took advantage of her dance experience and swallowed any pretense immediately. When it came to performance, I thought that not only was she cute, but she also had a cool approach.
"Akane" is a very nice performer with perfect singing and dancing expressions. When I ask Akane how the practice went, she would point out each members' areas to improve.
From the first time I saw "Rui", I wanted her to improve while retaining her goodness; she is innocently cute. Even if she may not be good at dancing, cuteness is still a weapon.
——Please tell us if there are any highlights of the choreography..
The story develops at a considerable rate of speed, like a stupid hero who appears in manga.
I hope that the cuteness of up to 2 choruses will change completely, and that the new charm of "#Babababambi" will be conveyed through the headbang with a danceable part.
I think it's easy to imitate the choreography, so I'd be happy if fans could dance together!
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Sexy Japanese Gravure Idol Game Group Begins...
September 30, 2020

Sexy Japanese Gravure Idol Game Group Begins...

Hi everyone! this is AiconiQ Online Store.
Have you ever wondered what kind of character the 01Familia girls are?
Well, here is a glimpse into the four members from the group: Mea Shimotsuki, Aya Hayase, Momo Tsukino, and Chocola Ikeda.
They have formed a gaming group with one mission: To win just one game in a tournament.
Does this seemingly easy target come from the modesty of Japanese girls? Or are they bad game players?
Find it out from our Youtube channel:
Turn on the translation button and you can find subtitles in English.
Enjoy watching!
With much love,
AiconiQ Online Store :

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Launched 2 new videos from Nono Murase and Remi Sumikawa!
September 23, 2020

Launched 2 new videos from Nono Murase and Remi Sumikawa!

Hi everyone! We have just launched 2 new videos from Nono Murase and Remi Sumikawa!
Nono boasts her fluffy G cup boobs, which are unimaginable of a girl with such a young sister type baby face. Pretty smile, beautiful pale skin, fluffy G-cup breast are on her first DVD!
And Remi is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to her overwhelming beauty and slender body. Keep eyes on her cute smile and body that you would want to touch and feel!

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"Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome"
September 18, 2020

"Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome"

This time, "Nashiko Momotsuki" from Zeroichi Familia appeared at "DC FanDome", a festival of the American comics fans, at the world's largest simultaneous online event held on August 23 and September 13.
The content of the DC FanDome over both days is more than 100 hours of program content, aired in nine languages ​​including Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
This time, an interview with "Nashiko Momotsuki" after the event has been posted as follows:
<<< Interview with Nashiko Momotsuki >>>
——What was your impression when you performed at the “DC FanDome” festival for the American comics fans?
I was truly honored to be able to appear as a Japanese cosplayer in "DC FanDome", which is loved all over the world.
I was able to have a profound conversation with people who really love DC, so I had a very fulfilling time despite short timeframe.
——I heard that “DC” has entered the Twitter trend in 53 countries and is a great success all over the world.
It seems that the number of worldwide viewers of the first "DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes" has exceeded 22 million! I was very happy to know how DC is loved all over the world.
And I am happy to be able to perform at such DC event that is loved all over the world.
——Have you ever been conscious of Batwoman's cosplay?
At the time of recording, this Batwoman was a work that has not been distributed in Japan yet, so I researched on the net etc. and talked with stylists and hair and makeup artists how to make it look like it and how to bring out originality. As a result, I was very happy to be praised by "Yutaka supi sugiyama" who co-starred it.
——What is the attraction of cosplay?
It goes without saying that you can get closer to what you like and admire, but I think it's attractive to be able to make friends with people who share common hobby like this time. I think it's a wonderful culture because it's good to pursue quality, to find common friends, and to enjoy cosplay in various ways.
——Are there any DC works recommended by Nashiko Momotsuki?
Not to mention Batman, Superman, and Joker, but there are also quite a few DC works whose time series is important. So I think some people may not enjoy it fully unless they see other works from the beginning. However, Aquaman and Shazam can be enjoyed by many people since each of these work is a complete work in itself! Suicide Squad, which was talked about at Harley Queen, is also a spin-off work. Actually, I've enjoyed this one very much! If you are interested, please check it out!
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The newcomer "Himeka Araya"
September 17, 2020

The newcomer "Himeka Araya"

The newcomer "Himeka Araya", whose affiliation to "Zeroichi Familia" was announced on September 6, 2020, will be published for the first time on "Weekly Playboy (Shuei-Sha)" released on September 7.
"Himeka Araya" was born in Aomori prefecture on May 30, 1998, and is a newcomer who is expected to appear in a magazine soon after she is assigned due to recruitment of "Zeroichi Familia" newcomers this spring and summer.
<<<Interview with Himeka Araya>>>
—— Congratulations on your first appearance in “Weekly Playboy”!
Thank you! !! And nice to meet you! My name is Himeka Araya.
I didn't think I would be able to be posted on "Weekly Playboy" soon after I belonged to "Zeroichi Familia".
It was a magazine I've always wanted to be on and get published, so I was very happy.
When I saw "Weekly Playboy" lined up at convenience stores and bookstores, I thought I would definitely want to be published someday...
I am not famou yet, but it's an opportunity for many people to know about me. So I studied a lot about how to maintain my body line and how I should be filmed.
I'd be happy if more and more people find about me and know me through the magazine!
——This time you took pictures at a pool. Did you go to the bach or pool this year?
This year was a summer when I couldn't go out much, so I didn't go to a pool in private.
However, thanks to the shooting, I was able to enjoy the tropical pool where the view was spectacular!
I am usually worried about sunburn and don't go to the pool or the beach much, but it was fun and I forgot to worry about that all the time!
I injured my left leg before the shooting, and I was really worried whether I could do it, but I was relieved to be able to do it safely in the end.
Next year, I want to take good measures against sunburn and go to the beach in my private time.
——Are there any things that left lasting impression on you?
I love eating, so the first thing I remember was a gorgeous meal! (Lol)
Shine-Muscat,,, oh my god is it okay to be served with such a gorgeous meal?
I felt so bad! (laughs)
Also, although it rained continuously until the day of shooting, it was sunny on the day, and it was really nice to shoot in the weather.
Personally, I like black bikinis. It's a color that I don't usually wear much, but it suits me unexpectedly. So I thought I should try wearing black clothes too.
The staff was kind and the shooting was fun!
——What do you want to try in the future?
In the future, I would like to appear in various magazines on the work of swimwear, so I would like to get a lot of people to know about it. Also, it's been my dream to become an actress sinch I was in elementary school.
So, first of all, I will do my best to appear in various media so that many people will know "Himeka Araya". And I would like to gradually increase my acting works!
——Finally, please give a word to your fans or supporters.
Thank you for your support as always!
I think there are many people who were surprised at the sudden shooting of me in a bikini. I will continue to do my best in the future, so I would be grateful if you could support me.
Whenever I see your warm messages of support, I am like I gotta do my best. I'm awkward or clumsy sometimes, but I just got to move on. So thank you for your support!
(c) Kojiro Hosoi / Weekly Playboy

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"#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "
September 17, 2020

"#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "

This time, "#BababaBambi" will start radio channel "#BababaBambi !? RADIO" on "InterFM897".
Broadcast duration is 1 hour starting from 23:00 to 24:00 every Tuesday in Japan time.
This time, we will post an interview about the radio prior to the program.
<<< Member Interview >>>
——Congratulations on your first radio program!
<Mio Minato>
Thank you very much. I've always dreamed of working on radio, and I've always wanted to try it, so I was really surprised and very happy.
Of course, I would like to take this opportunity to make the program fun for the new listeners as well as to all of "#Bababa" (nicknamed by #BababaBambi fans).
To be honest, I'm worried whther this member can host the radio show, but ... lol.
I will do my best!
——What kind of program do you want to make?
<Miyu Kishi>
I thought about it, but not all the members are good at improvising ourselves, so I would like you to see us as we are!
It's the individuality of each member, and the one that you don't know yet ... I hope you can learn more about "#BababaBambi" through this radio!
However, because the personality of each members is quite strong, there will be full of laughter from "Melda" and "Mio", and maybe "Miyu" and "Akane" will fall asleep on the way, and "Rui" will become angry. It may be like that. Lol
——I heard that the radio show is the result of the continuatoin of a publicly recorded TV program.
<Melda Ikeda>
Yes! Originally, we had a public recording program once a month, and many people watched it, but I've always wanted to do radio with "#BababaBambi", so that's it. I am very happy to realize it. I was confident because I was doing other shows on platforms such as SHOWROOM from time to time ... (laughs)
We will do our best to deliver various things, so please look forward to it!
——Please tell us your impressions when you actually recorded in the recording studio.
<Rui Takanashi>
The first studio was just exciting! I knew that my voice was echoed and I could hear it, and I felt like a radio, and I got excited.
I have a Kansai accent (dialect) in way I speak, and I think it's easy to hear the difference from other members on the radio, so please listen carefully!
——Please tell us your frank impression when you heard that the radio will start for the first time.
<Akane Yoshizawa>
I'm really looking forward to it! Until now, "#BababaBambi !? RADIO" has been held as an event for public recording (public recording will continue at the event)
I'm afraid that we can talk properly because it was derived from the radio and we all decided to do the program. I'm excited to be able to take on a new challenge with "#BababaBambi".
——Please give a word to everyone
<Akane Yoshizawa>
It's my first time to work with only through my voice, so I'm kinda thrilled!
We hope you will find out more about us, so please listen to "#BababaBambi !? RADIO"!
For the digital image and video of the girls, please visit
AiconiQ Online Store;

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"Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "
September 11, 2020

"Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "

"Yurika Wagatsuma" was born on May 15, 2000, in Chiba prefecture. She belongs to "Zeroichi Familia". Actually, she has hearing disability due to sensorineural hearing loss.
Even during the shooting of magazines, she challenged it with hearing aids attached. This has become a hot topic in the news.
"Yurika Wagatsuma" appeared at the event at Shibuya in 2020. "Let's experience everyday life of super welfare" held on Sunday, September 6th.
That was because the talk show appeared on the theme of "OTICON," a hearing aid device that Yurika loves. "The hearing changes with such a latest hearing aid device. My everyday has changed."
(It is held extensively in Shibuya Hikarie every year, but this time it was done remotely due to the new COVID-19.)
This time, we would like to introduce an interview with "Yurika Wagatsuma" held after the event.
<<<Yurika Wagatsuma Interview>>>
——Please tell us about your impressions of the event you appeared this time.
First of all, I was really happy when I decided to appear at this "2020 Super Welfare Exhibition" event!
It was my first time to have a talk show event, but I thought it would be great opportunity event to have a talk show event sponsored by "OTICON", the manufacturer of hearing aid device that I have been using since I was a child!
I was nervous because I was full of feelings, "I will practice many times and I will definitely succeed ...!", But I was immediately relieved to see that everyone was looking at me kindly.
I think I was able to convey my messages to the audiece well/ And after listening to various stories at the event, I am looking forward to the future of hearing aids! Thank you very much!
——So, from here, I would like to hear about “Yurika Wagatsuma”'s history with hearing aids since childhood.
Q. Please tell us about hearing aid memory, pronunciation and speech training during childhood.
I've been in the "hearing" classroom since I was about 3 years old.
I was practicing pronunciation. That was normal for me at the time, and I loved talking to and playing with my friends in the classroom, so I kept going.
I don't think I was aware that I was going there because I couldn't hear it.
Q. Please tell me the memories when you were in elementary school.
After entering elementary school, everyone became angry and ignored by the actions I repeaed; Listining back. And I began to understand the reactions around me.
I thought it was best not to ask anything even if I couldn't hear it. A reason I got angry every time was "I didn't hear." I was told by people around me to always listen until I understood. It was very painful.
Maybe that's not all, but I've been bullied by everyone in my class for three years. It was painful and scary, but I couldn't rely on anyone because I didn't want to make my mom sad.
However, the only thing I'm happy about in my elementary school was that my friend told me, "Your hearing aid device is so cute! It's the one that the idol wears!"
She probably didn't know what a hearing aid device was, but only then did I think my hearing aid device was cool and somehow proud.
Q. I heard that you love music.
When I think about it, music has been fun to me since I was little.
However, since I was in elementary school, it was the time I wanted to cry most when I was judged to be able to sing in front of everyone in a music class, to be out of tune, to open my mouth wide, or to do something I couldn't do.
It was time to hate my favorite music.
When practicing the chorus contest, it was difficult for me because I couldn't hear the sound accurately and it was difficult to get the pitch.
However, no matter how much I explained it, it was painful to be kept told, "If you practice, you will be able to do it!"
Q. How did you face each others when you were in junior high school?
When I was a junior high school student, I wasn't confident, and wearing a hearing aid device became my complex.
I didn't want a guy I liked to see me with the device so I intentionally had a hairstyle that covers my ears. I thought my "hearing aid" was something that everyone hated.
I had a dream for the future, but I was worried, I was worried whether I could say that dream properly.
The reason was that the adults didn't accept me and I was betrayed many times. So I thought that the more I expected, the more I hurt.
Q. About the consciousness that has changed over time, and what you love.
In high school, it became easier for me to spend time because I was supported by many people.
I realized that wearing a hearing aid device is not necessarily a disliked factor, it is not a judgment of being loved or unloved.
After that, I became obsessed with my feelings of excitement. After that, I realized that I didn't like taking pictures, so I started taking pictures. The photograph was able to express myself and feel free even if I could not hear.
But after all, when I was taken in a picture, the hearing aid was a part of my body, but it wasn't in the picture. I was thinking that it would be better.
That's why I hid my hearing aids with my hairstyle and tried not to wear my favorite updo. Even when I went to buy a hearing aid, I chose black because it blends in my hair color.
That was my 20 years of life and that was my normal.
My life went on like that, but something happened.
That was when I met the manager of the current office, and when I asked, "I'm wearing a hearing aid ...?", The manager said to me.
"It doesn't matter, I think it's Yurika's personality. It may still be a complex right now, but it's definitely an advantage."
It may be simple, but that day I decided to believe the word.
That's why I'm so happy that I've become very fond of myself, which I hated, and gradually gained confidence that "I'm wearing a hearing aid."
I think I loved myself so much because there are people around me who love me that way!
Q. Finally, please give a few words to everyone.
Nice to meet you! I'm Yurika Wagatsuma!
I'm naturally deaf and wear hearing hearing aid device!
At the first talk show event "2020 Super Welfare Exhibition", I was nervous ...! !
But I was able to enjoy it in the end finish it safely! !
You can see it in the YouTube archive, so please take a look! And please follow SNS...! (Lol)

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Kisumi Amau Remember my name like "KISS ME"!
September 08, 2020

Kisumi Amau Remember my name like "KISS ME"!

This time, "Kisumi Amau" made her first appearance on the separated volume of "Young Champions" (Akita-Shoten), which will be released on September 1. She will appear on the first page.
"Kisumi Amau" was born on August 12, 1996 in Tokyo, who became a member of "Zeroichi Familia" on August 1, 2020, and is nicknamed as "Kiss-min" because of her lovely smile and sincere personality.
She has a career as an idol, and her singing and dance performances are endorsed with high reputation.
<Interview with Kisumi Amau>
—— First, please introduce yourself.
Nice to meet you! My name is "Kisumi Amau". Remember my name like "KISS ME"!
And from August 1, I joined "Zeroichi Familia". I will do my best in the future, so please support me!
—— Congratulations on the first appearance of “the Separated Volume of Young Champions”.
Thank you! It's my first time to be published in a magazine that I've been longing for, so I'm really happy!
This time, the whole family was happy, but the most delightful thing is that my good-brother was happy to say "great!" (Lol)
I was so happy and proud of my parents and friends.
As for shooting, I personally like pool, so I was very happy to be able to shoot in the pool!
I would want my fans to see me having fun eating my favorite meal in the pool!
——Please tell us your future goals and challenges.
I want to be published on the cover of a magazine someday!
Right now, I'm attracted to the work of wearing a swimsuit, and every time I see a nice swimsuit on SNS, I'm filled with the feeling, "Good, I want to be like this!"
There are also costumes that I would like to try a lot from now on. So, I'd like to hone myself so that I can have various appearances and have them appear on the cover someday!
— Lastly, please give a few words to all the fans.
Thank you for your support!
I don't think I have any skills or unique character, so I think what I am being able to do now is largely thanks to my fans!
I'm so happy and grateful to have been posted on the long-awaited "the Separate Volume of Young Champion"!
I will continue to do my best towards my dream, so please support me!
Thank you for your continued support on "Kisumi Amau"!
(C) Akihiro Saga / Akita-Syoten

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Yume Hayashi Continuing from "BUBKA"
September 07, 2020

Yume Hayashi Continuing from "BUBKA"

"Yume Hayashi" has appeared on the cover of "Manga Action" (Futaba-Sha), which will be released on September 1.
Continuing from "BUBKA" released yesterday, this time she will appear on the cover.
Continuing from the last year, "Yume Hayashi", has been nominated for TC Candler's "The Most Beautiful Faces of 2020" for the second year in a row. She is said to be a world-class beauty,armed with the blessed style and visuals of a height of 168 cm. She is actively working as a model on magazines and now at events.
<Interview with Yume Hayashi>
—— Congratulations on the first appearance and the first cover on "Manga Action".
Thank you!
It's my first time to appear, and I'm really happy with the cover! !
I am very grateful to the people who always support me, and I will continue to do my best!
——It's the second consecutive magazine appearance after "BUBKA" released.
It's really nice to see the magazine published for two consecutive days! I think you can see "Yume Hayashi" in a different atmosphere from "BUBKA", so please check both!
I feel energetic during "manga action", and I think I can see a life-sized "Yume"! Lol
——Please tell us if there is anything that left an impression on you during shooting.
Recently, I often took pictures in a cool, mature atmosphere, so I think there are many cute and lively pictures this time!
I took a bicycle for shooting, but since I never came to Tokyo, I rode it for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Lol
I used to ride a bicycle when I lived in Furano, so I recalled my childhood years.
But I was a little scared. .. Lol
——Please tell us what you have recently enjoyed on your YouTube channel.
I recently tried pranking for the first time!
I got a special make-up from the hair and make-up team and did it in earnest, but it was a great success and it was so much fun!
I thought like setting up was interesting too. Lol
I absolutely hate being pranked though lol
(c) Akihiro Saga / Futaba-Sha

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Yume Hayashi on "BUBUKA".
September 06, 2020

Yume Hayashi on "BUBUKA".

"Yume Hayashi", a nominee of "The Most Beautiful Faces of 2020" by TC candler for the second consecutive year, made her debut on a fashion magazine, BUBKA on August 31st (published by Byakuya-Shobo).
With a height of 168cm and a blessing of good proportion and visuals, she is actively working as a magazine model or a bikini model.She also attends various events.
<Interview with Yume Hayashi>
—— Congratulations on your first appearance at "BUBUKA".
Thank you!
"BUBUKA" has many popular talents posted, so I am very happy that I was able to be featured!
——Please tell us about your favorite costumes.
Everything was cute, but I especially liked the black lingerie!
The shooting this time made me look like an matured figure,
I think the black lingerie and its lace created the image of mature atmosphere!
——Please tell us if there is anything that left big impression on you during shooting.
It was a photo shoot at the hotel, but the room was large and the view from the room was great! We were on a very high building so I was really excited!
Like an adult woman in a gorgeous room! I think I was able to play such a figure in the shooting!
I made poses and made my expressions as a cool female adult so I want my fans to enjoy another part of me in the photobook!
(c) Byakuya-Shobo

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#BababaBambi" took the first swimsuit shoot with all members and were featured in the magazine "Platinum FLASH Vol.13
August 31, 2020

#BababaBambi" took the first swimsuit shoot with all members and were featured in the magazine "Platinum FLASH Vol.13

"#BababaBambi" took the first swimsuit shoot with all members and were featured in the magazine "Platinum FLASH Vol.13" released on Thursday, August 27.
The debut live schedule was unfortunately canceled on March 27 due to COVID. However, thanks to the support from fans and everyone, their first first swimsuit shoot became a huge success.
We will also introduce their interview here.
~#BababaBambi interview~
——Congratulations to all the first members for posting "Platinum FLASH"!
<Miyu Kishi>
Thank you so much!
I'm really happy that all five of us have posted their first swimwear photos as "Platinum FLASH". When five people are working together, I'm wearing an on-stage costume as an idol and I perform live in front of you, so it's a bit embarrassing to have a swimsuit with five members, but it's a very important album for us. So I want you to see it!
And the recommended point is first of all good quality paper! This is also a point of interest because it uses really wonderful paper like high quality photo books!
——It is unusual for this product to appear for the first time on FLASH with the volume as much as 20 pages. Please tell us your candid impressions when you heard about it.
<Miyu Kishi>
Earlier we got jacked by our agent, "Zeroichi Familia", and I was only introduced as newcomers, but I was able to greet at the event.
At that time, I was saying that my dream was to be featured in "Platinum FLASH" one day.
It was still the first and second time since I started the live, so I was so happy that I could be released as an idol and all the members could do it! With the achievements of the five members, I was five times more happy! Thank you very much.
——Please tell us how the shooting went for you, were you nervous?
<Akane Yoshizawa>
I and other members were a little nervous at first, but I could do a lot of summer-like things, such as going to the sea in a cute swimsuit that I thought I couldn't do this year due to the situation. But it was a lot of fun.
I think that I was able to smile naturally because I was able to decide my position with the members, go out to the sea and jump into the waves together, and shoot while making crazy noises!
——I heard that it was Melda Ikeda's first time to shoot a swimsuit scenes. How was it?
<Melda Ikeda>
Since this was my first time wearing a swimsuit, I was worried because there were so many things I didn't understand.
However, the photographers were very entertaining and entertaining the scene, and the swimsuit was also very cute, so I was gradually released from tension and the shooting became fun!
There were some photos taken at sea, but it was sunny and pleasant!
I was so happy with the members that I was able to go to the long-cherished sea this year...! !!
——Rui Takanashi, how was wearing a swimsuit at the photoshoot in front of the sea for the first time?
<Rui Takanashi>
It was the first sea to see ​​this year so I was excited!
We were blessed with the weather and it was a nice day to shoot.
I've always wanted to shoot while wearing a swimsuit, so I was happy to have done it!
The shooting occured to me a little nervous, but I think we could have done it because we were with the members.
This was something I couldn't think of because I was a university student who was normally doing job hunting until March this year. So it was something I was very impressed with.
——What kind of shooting and location do you want to go to next?
<Rui Takanashi>
I love cute costumes, so I'd love to shoot with ribbons and frills.
Ah, but it's difficult because some of the members don't seem to look good, or they like being cooler than sweet type. Lol
I haven't been far away for shooting, so I want to go out! Overseas!
——How was the unusual shooting?
<Mio Minato>
It's been a lot of fun from going to the bus to shooting, and I'm reminded that it's good that everyone can work together!
I was able to go to the sea where I gave up this year, so it was a great summer memory for me.
——Please give a word to everyone at the end
<Mio Minato>
It was the first photo shoot in a swimsuit for some members so maybe some were too shy and may not be able to face it directly. Lol
It is the best 20 pages that I took while having fun with all the members, staff, and the photographer.
Of course, I would like to thank all of you for supporting us and answering questionnaires in magazines!
We are still immature, but all the members always talk about wanting to become a group that can return this love to fans.
Thank you so much!

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BababaBambi opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo
August 27, 2020

BababaBambi opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo

"#BababaBambi" opened a pop-up shop at SHIBUYA109 in Shibuya, Tokyo from August 21st (Fri) to August 22nd (Sat) . The event ended successfully.
"#BababaBambi" is the first idol group from Zeroichi Familia whose members are Akane Yoshizawa, Miyu Kishi, Mio Minato, Rui Takanashi and Melda Ikeda.
In addition, "#BababaBambi" members have shared their opinions about the popup shop. Check them out below:
—— First, what did you think when you heard that the #BababaBambi pop-up shop opened at the SHIBUYA109 store?
<Akane Yoshizawa>
surprised! I thought it was amazing even though I only had one live event in my life. And my image about Tokyo is SHIBUYA109, so I'm very happy. I was hoping that many people could take advantage of this opportunity and visit the venue!
<Miyu Kishi>
For me Shibuya means SHIBUYA109, so I thought it was like a prank when I first heard about it! But it really happened, so I thought my dream came true!
I felt this was real when I saw everyone coming to the store and tweeting a lot about it.
—— Please tell us about your first single CD (favorite points, recommended points, impression, etc.)
<Mio Minato>
I didn't expect the CD to come out so quickly, so I was really surprised!. And for the CD jacket, we collaged the pictures of the members that were drawn by Sena Takeuchi, a senior at our office! Please compare them!
——Which song is the most fun to perform?
<Melda Ikeda>
"SOS summer" is the perfect summer song for this season!
I like the choreography using a towel for this new song!
There are some members who forgot their towels, so we need to be careful lol
I want everyone in the venue to take a towel together and dance with us!
—— Please tell us what you want to do next, your goals, and your future activities based on this event.
<Rui Takanashi>
We have only been on a joint gig, so I want to host a gig as #BababaBambi. In addition, I would like to perform in our debut live which had to be canceled due to the COVID-19.

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New Video by Rea Hanasaki
August 14, 2020

New Video by Rea Hanasaki

A video by Rea newly launched!

The new video from Rea Hanasaki, a.k.a. “Reatan” is now available for sale! She  is popular among her fans with her slender body and cute (kawaii) looks. Reatan's beautifully transparent body with her stimulating poses in the video will make you go crazy.

Check out her sexy scenes in this video

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New video by Kurumi Natori
August 14, 2020

New video by Kurumi Natori


A video by Kurumi newly launched!

Kurumi Natori exudes a lover-like atmosphere with her sexy body line and beautiful legs. One year after the first DVD came out, she went through a bit of transition and came back to the scene with rather bewitching atmosphere!

Check out her sexy scenes in this Video!

See her collections here↓

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New Photo Album by Yuho Honda
June 30, 2020

New Photo Album by Yuho Honda

A photo album by Yuho Honda newly launched!

Model, cosplayer, and YouTuber. She renamed her name from Ponzu to Honda Yuho as she became a gravure model at the end of Young Magazine released in September 2018.

She is also active in photo sessions, YOUTUBE, and CHEERZ(Japanese media).

Check out her sexy scenes in this album!

See her collections here↓

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New Photo Album by Ema Ito
June 30, 2020

New Photo Album by Ema Ito

A photo album by Ema Ito newly launched!

Ema Ito 's first swimsuit photography & photo album. 70 pages full of candid Ema can be found here where she enjoys swimming, playing, eating and drinking in Thailand.

Don't miss the combination of her twin tails and straw hat, her in a white swimwear and lying on a bed.

Enjoy the various sides of "Ema" in this photo album! 

See her collections here↓

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New Photo Album by Toomi
June 30, 2020

New Photo Album by Toomi

A photo album by Toomi newly launched!

Made her debut as a gravure model in the Shueisha Weekly Young Jump, Toomi is actually a model and also a dancer! She was awarded the "Miss iD2019" quasi-grand prix sponsored by Kodansha, where she won the 1st place in the general election.

She was named by Young Jump magazine as "The Last Miraculous Gemstone." 

Check out her pure and innocent faces in this photo album.

See her collections here↓

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01Familia Express Service Launch
June 10, 2020

01Familia Express Service Launch

Hi there! 

We are the female talent from 01Familia group of Japan! This group consists of various professionals such as model, voice actor, actor, or even cos-players.

We are so thrilled to let you know that our digital products are finally available for our international fans! 

On the 01Familia Express, you can purchase our videos and photo albums that have only been available in Japan. But now, you can find us here anytime! 

From time to time, we are adding more contents on this EC site.

So please keep in touch with us! And don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list!


All our love to our fans!

01Familia Express

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